New Fashion Trends, the Trump Card is in Elevator Shoes

All of the trends for the upcoming seasons are devoted to creativity and freedom of expression, with one single common point: to be yourself and to always choose the best. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are confirmed as the must-have for all outfits

The new fashion trends are outlined for the coming seasons, after London, Florence and Paris, it was again up to Milan to have the last word. And it did so by proposing a new form of femininity that leaves no room for compromise: dynamical, modern, and under the sign of freedom.

In order to do that, in times like this, there’s a life to be devoted to by multitasking between work, family, and leisure. You can’t give up any of this. So, the outfits for the coming seasons, as shown by the fashion shows of the last Milan fashion week were celebrated behind closed doors because of the coronavirus emergency.

It was a triumph of class and creativity. What is immediately striking is the great leather triumph for jackets, coats, especially shoes. They are no longer questioned, but instead, they are flaunted with confidence and style. As for the trends, they are devoted to maximum expressive freedom. What matters is self-confidence and showing it with class. Whether it’s a sporty look or a formal dress code, the modern woman demands exclusivity, elegance, and attention to detail and high tailoring.

For this reason, the trump card for the next autumn-winter 2020-2021 season is GuidoMaggi elevator shoes. An essential must-have for both him and her. The prestige of a brand that manages to combine in a masterly way refined design choices and raw materials of the highest quality such as leather with the desire to feel taller, has now conquered everyone. Also, because the wide selection of styles, handmade and tailored by expert craftsmen are able to satisfy every need.

From sneakers to loafers and boots, each GuidoMaggi creation is unique and inimitable. Precious leather modeled in captivating forms, shoes that give emotions and extra few inches in height in total discretion and comfort.

In Milan, where the brand has opened one of its exclusive showrooms, the enthusiasm for the GuidoMaggi new styles is always there. This is where the dreams of the most demanding fashion addicts are fulfilled. Elevator shoes become a masterpiece to wear, an indispensable accessory in every classy wardrobe.