Emanuele Briganti: GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, an example of marketing disruption in the luxury world

Revolution requires widespread change, which can be imposed or suggested. In the world of fashion, a garment or an accessory that breaks the mould is a disruptive phenomenon, conquering the fashion world, dominating it undisputed, whether we like it or not. In some cases, it becomes a classic, extending its influence over time. GuidoMaggi represents one of these revolutions.

For the first time, a brand, a symbol of the best tradition of Made in Italy, produces luxury elevators shoes. From VIPs to business and power men, from professionals to students, there was the unspoken need to wear well-made, elegant, haute couture elevator shoes, capable of increasing height with comfort, discretion and style. The initial disruptive idea was precisely this: to create a product that did not exist before, to satisfy the unfulfilled desires of many. In particular, men who wished to gain extra inches could only find cheap and inferior quality merchandise unsuitable for their needs. GuidoMaggi was able to intercept this new need, transforming it into Italian excellence.

In this particular period, the company’s core marketing has changed. The client was confused by the changes and limitations imposed by the health emergency. It was necessary to focus on trust and loyalty. If physical shopping places were closed, e-commerce – already active and well structured – had to replace them to allow customers to enjoy the shopping experience from the comfort of their home. That’s why we created a virtual showroom that would meet their needs like the real one, where they can choose and customize the elevator shoes. Here the customer feels welcomed and pampered, always keeping an eye on customer satisfaction.

We always want to share our mission with the customers, make them feel part of a big family, create customized products to make them feel special. We want to show our clients the value of slow luxury, the real and lasting one made of history and emotions. Luxury to experience slowly, savouring every detail fully. GuidoMaggi has focused on the true meaning of beauty, a precious commodity represented by carefully made, handcrafted, lift shoes to wear on special occasions and informal contexts to feel good, like yourself every day even when social life is limited.

During the pandemic, GuidoMaggi focused more on “comfortable” models such as sneakers with wedges, moccasins or slip-on: masterpieces of craftsmanship to wear in more intimate moments. Even at home, in casual situations, GuidoMaggi found the right solution: a shoe with a well-made, exclusive, unique lift that can arouse emotions. Always positive emotions, associated with self-care and self-esteem. The lifting system is an exclusive patent, made possible by a three-year-long study: a technological success that provides absolute comfort.

The intuition was to intercept new needs innovatively. While retaining the sophisticated allure that has always characterized GuidoMaggi, the new models have a renewed appeal, made necessary by the pandemic context: they are available in one click but always unique and exclusive. A business model that has proved successful: technology functional to exclusive luxury.

At the same time, we were able to communicate positivity and a desire to be active. Through the website and social media channels, we have promoted a dynamic and captivating image of the company without giving in to the catastrophes of the economic crisis, continuing to do our job with passion. We have communicated our passion, how we manage to make our elevator shoes with care and attention. We have focused on made in Italy raw materials, not only to support the national economy but also for the high quality they represent.

The GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are handmade and tailored, made with care and talent by the master craftsmen of the Lecce maison, with fine leathers and strictly Italian raw materials. Wearing a pair of GM shoes, from lace-ups to sneakers, from moccasins to sandals, is an emotional experience. Each shoe is made specifically for the wearer; each model is unique and exclusive, created to satisfy the customer’s wishes.

Today GuidoMaggi, thanks to the intuition Briganti had about ten years ago, represents the excellence of men’s elevator shoes. “At the beginning of the century, my grandfather began producing high-quality shoes, so much so that he also made them for the Savoy family. I changed my perspective; I took the best of the family artisan tradition to adapt it to the times and new needs. This is how our prestigious models are born and spread among the international star system: models worn with pride on red carpets and flaunted by men of power and businessmen. Their secret is high quality, craftsmanship, the use of precious raw materials, the design capable of mixing the charm of the classic with the more contemporary mood. Adding up to 14 centimetres in some models, the lifting system naturally slims the figure and increases height and self-esteem. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are the revolution, breaking old patterns, and the true emblematic example of marketing disruption. They are designed for those who love luxury, who want to feel good about themselves wearing unique and always glamorous shoes. The result of passion and talent, they are an innovative product capable of leaving an indelible imprint in the field of fashion. GM shoes are difficult to resist and a must-have for a true connoisseur.”