GUIDOMAGGI has made its presence known at a landmark edition of one of the globe’s elite fashion events.

The world’s leading elevator shoes have been catching admiring glances during the three-day Florence super show, Pitti 100, which ran from Wednesday June 30 to Friday July 2 and has promoted innovative and exciting global brands since 1972.

Guidomaggi provided one of the event’s star turns with its effortlessly stylish AZUL. The shoes, modelled throughout the three days, add subtle finesse to a range of smart and smart-casual ensembles.

On the surface they appear to be an adroitly crafted smart shoe, but their full value is in their versatility, which allows them to be worn with a variety of accompanying apparel and augment both expressive and understated clothing.

In the hunt for footwear which maintains rich aesthetics while simultaneously wearing comfortably, the AZUL checks all the style boxes as another triumphant element of the ever-expanding Guidomaggi collection.

Meanwhile Pitti, which exhibits the most significant fashion brands from across the globe, has provided a poignant platform for the handmade, bespoke elevator shoes.

A fashion which once was greeted with taboo riposte has changed the lives of thousands of men who wanted to be taller, doing so over the course of several years of painstaking commitment and unceasing development courtesy of Emanuele Briganti and the world class team who represent the company.

Asked to peruse the swarths of height increasing shoes available to the British market, a UK footwear specialist who ran a series of fashion boutiques on England’s south coast said she expects Guidomaggi to revolutionise this relatively untapped marketspace.

Speaking to reporter Dominic Kureen, Etty Mckinley, said: “This is a young UK market, which had been in danger of becoming stigmatised by poorly designed budget brands flooding the online sector.

“One of my previous boutiques, Off The Wall, looked into stocking a range of elevator shoes, but we were left disillusioned by poorly made shoes, which appeared to be mass produced with little care.

“What I believe will become evident as the market appreciates during the next decade or so ­– with men’s fashion here redefining its perspective towards self-improvement – is these inferior products evaporating and the brands with staying power emerging.

“The Guidomaggi range I’ve seen is not only extensive but looks to be well made across the board. They are certainly an investment, but with almost all fashion you’ll find the adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ is usually on point.

“I would advise men intending to increase their height to consider elevator shoes rather than spend £50,000 or more on expensive surgery with the aim of gaining, at best, an inch or two of height.

“If they wish to invest in something which won’t make them feel self-conscious, Guidomaggi appears to be the most reputable, ethical and fashion orientated brand on the market in 2021 and I believe it will become increasingly visible as this sector inevitably experiences growth through awareness.”

Guidomaggi has parallels with the success of Pitti 100, with both aiming to enhance the fashion vista and define a creative renaissance amid the toll of a global pandemic, overcoming the distances imposed by the ongoing health emergency.

This was the first time Pitti have been able to exhibit in person since lockdown measures began to ease across Europe.

Guidomaggi is proud to have been involved with this 100th edition of Pitti and look forward to exhibiting again at subsequent events.

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