The Guidomaggi brand has become synonymous with enterprising and genre shifting developments in men’s fashion

An ever-expanding range of industry leading, height increasing footwear has been made available to consumers across the globe, reinventing the elevator shoe blueprint with each supplementary stage.

Guidomaggi, which was founded in Italy in 1918, has ratcheted up the diversity of its collection in recent years, spearheaded by CEO Emanuele Briganti, who has overseen new European showrooms as part of the brand’s continued expansion.

But it isn’t footwear alone which is constantly being developed by the company.

Guidomaggi is now making it possible for customers to order a custom-made belt in the style ­­– and using the same material ­– as ANY of the shoes on offer.

Ill-matching accessories can undermine even the most exquisite footwear/suit pairing, which is why the opportunity to draw a parallel between belt and shoes using the GM bespoke service is priceless to those wanting to up their style game to legendary status.

This complimentary tailoring aids in creating an outfit which looks captivating in theme, with the continuity of paired elements ensuring no aspect of apparel causes its ultimate downfall.

Matching different accents in your outfit was once a challenging art reserved for a daring subsection of the fashion community.

It is now easily accessible to Guidomaggi customers, with the portal available at the click of a button.

Despite the visual distance between your belt and shoes, more formal occasions glare focus upon the importance of inclusivity of aesthetics.

For example, the stunning black Tolosa Brogues should be matched with a black leather belt utilising the very same Hermes python leather, unquestionably a look likely to receive approving glances from across the room.

If you look at other colours such as brown, blue, or green, it becomes even more difficult.

These comes in hundreds, if not thousands of different shades, and matching them exactly between your shoes and belts is virtually impossible unless you bought them at the same time when the belt and the shoes are made from the same leather.

Happily, this is something made possible by Guidomaggi, where you can order your belt and shoes together to guarantee you don’t miss a trick when it comes to looking incredible from head to toe.