Olympics 2020, we celebrate world sport in Tokyo in the shadow of the GuidoMaggi showroom: for a restart that aims high with style

The Olympic Games are an opportunity of rebirth for sports after the health emergency. In the Japanese capital we cheer for the Italian champions and we also discover the made in Italy of excellence with GuidoMaggi elevator shoes. In Tokyo, the Lecce Maison hosts one of its most prestigious offices.

Everyone at the starting line, as they say! After the intoxication of the European football championships, won by Roberto Mancini’s national team, Italy continues to have a drive for success. And what better occasion than the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? After the obligatory stop caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, on Friday 23 July finally began the most anticipated sporting event worldwide. Many champions and disciplines, many more emotions that Italian sport will still be able to give us. There is a high expectation and great cheering for our athletes, starting with the standard-bearers of the Olympic team. In fact, on the recommendation of the Coni, the volleyball player Paola Enogu was selected as standard-bearer: a promising athlete of Nigerian origins but born and raised in Veneto. A strong signal of integration, equality and solidarity of which sport should always be the banner.

Due to the health emergency, the Games will be held without the public in the Japanese capital. 205 (+1) nations from all over the world will be present in Tokyo 2020. The +1 symbolizes refugee athletes who will compete in 12 different disciplines under the Olympic flag. There is a record presence for Italy: 384 Italian athletes competing in Tokyo, 197 men and 187 women, engaged in 36 different disciplines. In total, we will see 339 events in 33 different sports for a total of 50 disciplines. Among the novelties of Tokyo 2020, the new disciplines include climbing, karate, surfing and skateboarding. To this day, our fellow sportsmen and women have already won a prestigious gold medal in taekwondo (martial arts), as well as over a dozen between silver and bronze medals across various disciplines, including fencing, swimming, shooting and lift-weighting.

Tokyo has become the reference point of sport, as it is for another great pride of Made in Italy: the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes. In fact, in Tokyo, in the dynamic Shibuya district, the latest fashion trends fly, you will find the GuidoMaggi showroom, the kingdom of GM creations in Asia.

And the Lecce brand could not have chosen a better place to host its handcrafted creations, which have always been able to elevate whoever wears them with style. In line with the Japanese culture, the Salento Maison shares respect and observance of traditions. A rigorous manufacturing process that the brand applies to each model, with passion and talent. In this way, the elevator shoes are always impeccable, showcasing sophisticated shapes and precious materials. Shoes made to measure and by hand to recreate the perfection of beauty every time. “And right now, on the occasion of the Olympics – a moment of rebirth after the pandemic – it’s time to renew our wardrobe, giving us the true luxury of 100% Made in Italy height-increasing shoes. Because, as stated by Emanuele Briganti, CEO of the Salento brand: “GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are capable of giving us always positive emotions and sensations. Just like sport does”.