Wholecut Leather, for Extra Comfort

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For some men, comfort is more important than style. These guys just won’t compromise, when it comes to how they feel, rather than how they look. Fortunately, for those who discover the benefits of wholecut upper leather shoes, they can have the best of both Worlds: comfort and style. Add to that a bit of discreet lift in the construction of the shoe, and you have a ‘hat trick’ of benefits: style, comfort, increased height.

extra comfort height increasing shoes

Once the province of exclusive fashion houses, and small artisan cordwainers, the wholecut upper is now available for those who want to gain height. Because of the demands of finding the right, unblemished leather for creating a wholecut shoe, practically every maker of elevator shoes avoids this technique. It’s just not economical for the mass market. Now, however, it’s here, for you, made to order, shipped to your door.

Extra comfort is becoming the difference between just solving the problem of how to increase height, and actually standing taller shoes you want to wear, because they’re comfortable. Even if you want to select only those styles of shoes that will pamper your feet, you can still get shoes that make you taller, if you find the right source for such footwear.

As if all these benefits weren’t enough, a wholecut upper provides longevity – durable wear, because of less stitching. Since the shoe is one piece, and fits like a glove, the wearer will enjoy these shoes for much longer, and in much more comfort. All in all, the wholecut shoe provides the final incentive to those who seek a comfortable way to increase height, discreetly. All you need to do to enjoy these benefits is reach out to the source, and order yours today.