Winter Footwear Fashions

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While you bundle yourself up in layers of warming Winter clothing, you might give some thought to keeping your feet more than warm. In fact, be cool! You do that by choosing the right footwear for the occasion, the weather, and making yourself look taller. Since you probably already know which source of shoes that make you look taller is the best, now give some thought to where the ‘rubber meets the road’, both in fashion and sure-footed navigation of slippery terrain.

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One of the best ways to stay on your feet is with Vibram soles. These are discreet, recessed cleats that work like the Dainite sole, but are even better at the job. That’s because Vibram does this with tried and true technology that has been adapted to more than just lug-soled hiking boots and work shoes. Even high fashion footwear can be crafted with Vibram soles, as long as the style has a round toe cap.

Aside from traction, there’s style to consider. Winter means even casual styling must change with the times (and the weather). While this doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t wear white on your feet (sneakers, for example), you do need to pay heed to how everything hangs together – or not, if you picked the wrong look in footwear. Here’s where a full-length mirror can help. Sure if you see yourself from the waist up, you look fine. Then, when you see that the shoes you picked clash with the color and style of your outfit, it’s time to either swap them out, or order new ones.

Most importantly, you need to develop a sense of how your fashion fits in with your lifestyle. In some cases, that means simplifying your total look, and upgrading or changing it via the footwear you choose. A great pair of shoes, boots, sneakers, etc., can totally change even plain old blue jeans from grunge to dressy, and back again. It’s all up to you.