Fashion Forward at Pitti Uomo 89 in Florence

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Fashion forecasting is a delicate art. There’s no one way to predict what will be on the cutting edge of fashion, until people show up dressed for the occasion. This year’s Pitti Uomo (89) appears to show that a ‘timeless’ look, rather than flavor-of-the-month, is going to be the trendsetter for men’s fashions in the coming year. Rather than reworking men’s styles, these classic stylings are being updated with the latest technology and manufacturing techniques that allow a simple look to have more comfort, more striking appearance, and more flexibility than ever before.

pitti uomo

A noteworthy member of the fashion community, Emanuele Briganti, made a splash in GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes (Nevada and 5th Avenue), a sable coat, and was accompanied by the fashion blogger, Kish. Kish wore Dublin style shoes, along with Chile and Korea. Another fashion blogger, Matthias Geerts, donned a pair of these discreet elevator shoes, the Victoria model. It is noteworthy that these styles of shoes offer a stylish interpretation of classic looks (Double Monk Strap, boot, and slip-on), yet offer the wearer an accent of styling that refreshes the look itself.

For the fashionista who wants to be ready for the coming season, this event predicts less of cutting edge in looks, and more of classic styles reimagined. For the average man, who just wants to know what’s happening in the World of men’s fashion, he can rest assured that he won’t be ‘behind the times’ if he wears what has always worked for him. All that man needs to know is that Tall Is the New Black, and GuidoMaggi is ready to help him achieve that increase in height discreetly, and with style and comfort.