Who can go for the maximum Height

If most of us are honest, we would all like to just wake up and be ‘several inches’ taller. You would be amazed at the contacts I have who are already over 6’ and want to be several inches taller. I don’t think for anyone it is a specific figure, and when guys try to put a figure on it, they often end up with a kind of figure they can end up disagreeing with: one friend who is 5’7” will say that he just wants to be “a couple of inches taller”. But if you then say “so you would not like to be 6’ tall in an ideal world?”, he is, like, “well, no, but maybe yes, but how can I anyway?”.

bespoke elevator shoes

This is because we all know there are limits of the technology, and above all to believability. So to some degree we limit our aims. This is quite logical. I think most lifestyles would find it difficult to convincingly take themselves up from 5’7” to 6’ in all situations. You are always thinking about those things like being convincing when the shoes come off if you have met a new partner! Or what happens when you take your shoes off on the beach. A contact recently said to me that the 4” (and above all, the 5”) height additions through elevators are really for those who are well used to adding height or (unfairly!) already very tall. And generally I agree, but think there are some important caveats. Firstly, and this is really important, much depends on your existing height and lifestyle. It is not ‘fair’ but a simple fact that the taller you are the more you can convincingly add if you want. And even more though depends upon what you have already been doing before investing in a pair of elevators. Have you already been using lifts to gain more height, for more than just a few months? Or have you a pair of elevators up to the 3.1” ones that GuidoMaggi make? Because if you have, then you can go higher if you want to pretty quickly. In some situations.

Fear of the unknown

Part of the issue around first adding height is the unknown – so taking it easy at first is sensible. I started for many years using lifts which I found always a little uncomfortable, liable to slip and I could never really gain the amount of height I wanted. Much over 2” extra is difficult with lifts other than in certain boots and when certain styles of pants are current and can allow you a bit more cover. But I DID find that I added height, got used to my extra inches, and that meant that when I came to buying my first elevators I DID go high.

So to put it simply who should buy 4” or 5” elevators or even higher if they were to come along!

If you are below about 5’8”, I believe you should only wear really big elevators of 4” or more in very played-down classic styles and only on special occasions/nights out – and only after you are well used to adding height and have worn elevators up to the 3.1” styles for a while. imho they (the 3.1” elevators) should be your staple daily ones to wear. At your height the big ones are extras just for when you really want to push things to the max. Unless you are the type of guy who is confident that adding so much will not generally impede what you want to do with new girlfriends/work/life in general. You may find also that you develop into this type of guy after wearing the higher ones occasionally and feel that it is no sweat or trouble to wear them more often – it happens.

2 If you are around average height, then the key again is making sure firstly that you obey the rule of getting used to height gain. But for you I think that you can certainly fairly quickly graduate to wearing the 4” boots all the time. In colder climates, the bigger chunkier 5” boots as well, and you can gain serious height. One of my contacts who is 5’11” and lives in the coldest part of the USA has three pairs of 5” boots now and wears them all the time because where he is every single guy wears big boots a lot. It is more difficult to do this in warmer places so I myself would recommend the 4” ones with thinner soles and heels there or when it is not winter. But when it IS cold and snowy, then Go For It big time.

3 I have said this before, it’s not really fair but taller guys of 6’+ can wear as high as they like pretty quickly and very few people will ever have any sort of idea that a tall guy is adding height. Yes, generally you must wear lifts for a while or lower elevators to get used to the whole thing, but you will be amazed at how well it works and how people have just no idea.

Lifestyle is also a key

The highest boots are also about lifestyle – whatever height you are, you just cannot wear them day to day if you have to wear fairly conventional business clothes. Many areas of the economy now do not insist on formal, but many still do. If you have too much fear about what that new girl you like might think, then keep it to the 3.1” whatever height you are but DO at some point buy a pair of bigger ones for special – you will be just amazed that she will either not notice or will just think the boots are boots and, OK, make you look a bit taller (‘but hey, I like that in my man’).  Playing sport all the time? Again the same rule above. 3.1” max, and do other higher stuff for special. It’s amazing how people do not notice things on special occasions – after all, adding 3.1” is really pretty straightforward and not too dramatic in spite of what you might think, so adding up to a 4” or even 5” pair is not greatly more on a night out.

Go easy as you journey upwards!

Now, I have a few hundred contacts which have come from me giving advice about lifts and elevators over the last few years, and you will be amazed at this: almost every single person who has written to me asking “is there anything higher than 5 inches, like are there 6” elevators?” is six foot tall or over! All those tall guys wanting to be taller – generally though competition with other tall guys/not wanting to be towered by anyone etc. If six inch elevators come on the market, it will be interesting to see the impact. There is of course a limit to how much you can add, and it links to technology, your existing height and your lifestyle. There are tradeoffs and considerations. It IS a science really but one that is not easy to calculate because of all the variables.

If ever you yourself have a question about your own situation and want to know what to do, how much to add and what sort of styles, feel free to comment and ask. I welcome feedback like that and I myself learn from it as well all the time.