Rising Star Luis Fonsi and Other Mega Celebrities Can Use Height Increasing Shoes to Elevate Their Style and Stature

It may come as no surprise that not all men are naturally tall – some of today’s hottest stars are adding inches to their stature with elevator shoes. Not only does taller height result in a higher level of self-confidence, but it can also help men achieve greater success in both business and relationships, according to some studies. While the everyday man can certainly benefit from elevator footwear, celebrities on the shorter end of the spectrum are well aware of the power of a solid pair of tall shoes. Puerto Rican star Luis Fonsi is just one of many stars who’ve turned to height increasing shoes to achieve the look they’ve always dreamed of. Hot off the heels of his newest hit, Despacito, the star is well versed in both style and the spotlight. The hit, a collaboration with Daddy Yankee, has amassed a massive amount of views since its debut, with almost 900 million on Youtube worldwide. In fact, the song is the first Spanish song to earn Spotify’s top spot. The song and its popularity is reminiscent of famed stars like Ricky Martin, who have also used height increasing footwear to help them captivate audiences from around the world.

A number of internationally renowned stars are using elevator shoes to add height to their short frames. Yandel is one other artist who, standing at 5’7, can benefit from a subtle boost in height as he travels the world. Gianluca Vacchi is another rising star currently dominating the social media scene. The 48-year-old showcases his impeccable fashion sense and luxurious lifestyle to more than 9 million fans on Instagram alone.

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Whether elegant dress shoes, or casual sneakers primed for navigating the city streets, there is no shortage of amazing styles to choose from within GuidoMaggi’s growing collection of ultra luxurious tall shoes. A meticulous attention to detail during construction ensures that each pair is made to the highest luxury standards. GuidoMaggi’s reputation for excellence has attracted clients from all over the world. Superstars like Luis Fonsi, Yandel, Gianluca Vacchi and Ricky Martin and just a few who could benefit from the outstanding luxury found in this stellar selection of world-class elevator footwear.