Vin Diesel like Tom Cruise: collector of cars and elevator shoes

We all know Vin Diesel, the famous star of the popular “Fast & Fourius” film series that began in 2001, so beloved by fans of car racing and action cinema. But not everyone knows that the American actor does not put much effort into playing Dom Toretto thanks to his great passion for racing cars.

In recent days, in fact, the curious fact has emerged in the news that Vin Diesel is a huge collector of sports cars. A hobby he shares with Tom Cruise, just like his passion for elevator shoes.

By now, in fact, we all know that Tom Cruise wears elevator footwear to add to his 5’7″ height, and he does so especially on big occasions such as his movie premieres and red carpet events. And we also know that the star of the “Mission Impossible” saga is also a big car collector. And who would have thought that two guys as different as Vin Diesel and Tom Cruise would share so much?


Vin Diesel, the “weaknesses” of a tough guy

You may have never noticed, but Vin Diesel always wears a pair of elevator shoes, so much so that on the Web there are those who joke that he even goes to sleep wearing them under his pajamas. That of being taller is a real passion for Vin that makes him feel better about himself, despite the fact that he certainly cannot be called a man of short stature.

Vin Diesel, in fact, is 5 feet 9 inches tall. Only an inch short of reaching that coveted 5’8″ that is the dream of most men, yet he goes nowhere without a pair of elevator shoes.

There are probably two reasons for this. First, a matter of proportion. Vin Diesel is a big guy with an imposing build given his assiduous workout in the gym: his chest and shoulders look very wide and his arms long, but the same cannot be said for his legs. All it takes is a pair of elevator shoes, however, to visually “fix” this slight disproportion by making him look his athletic tough-guy best. The other reason lies in his professional rivalry with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is 6 feet 9 inches tall. With 6-inch lifts Vin Diesel almost “evens the score.”

So Vin Diesel certainly has a weakness, if you want to call it that, that of wanting to appear taller despite his almost six feet. And he never gives it up, why should he?
Just like that other “weakness,” an inordinate passion for sports cars that has led him to collect very valuable cars starting with the very iconic car from the “Fast & Fourius” saga, the 1970 Dodge Charger R\T.


The elevator shoes for the Vin Diesel type

If you’re also a Vin Diesel type, so a tough guy who doesn’t skip a single workout at the gym, who likes nice cars and nice motorcycles, then you need a pair of elevator shoes that will contribute to your look that expresses the way you are.

Vin Diesel’s favorite men’s footwear is undoubtedly elevator boots, with a particular preference for black. He likes simple shoes but with a strong and aggressive mood.

So if you want to find in GuidoMaggi’s elevator shoes catalog a pair with these characteristics we recommend the K-Star Road elevator combat boots, with a very rock character, handmade with a mix of fine leathers, Tuscan nappa, full grain leather rubberized calfskin. Or a pair of black calfskin Hamburg boots with decorative silver buckles on the collar and shaft, round toe cap and natural rubber sole. And wht about the increasing in stature? Both these models and all GuidoMaggi boots provide a rise ranging from a minimum of 6 centimeters up to 10 centimeters. So you’ll be able to increase your stature just like Vin Diesel does!


The essentials for a Vin Diesel look

If Vin Diesel is a legend to you, even more so now that you’ve discovered that he also longs to be taller and achieves this dream every day with elevator shoes, maybe you want some more tips for a look like his. Also because, let’s face it, his tough guy image has a lot of appeal.

In addition to his enviable muscles, Vin Diesel’s style also helps him express his tough guy temperament. To imitate his look these are the clothing items to have in your closet.

  1. Tight-fitting cotton t-shirt. If you have a sexy, well-trained physique you can dare, even if you don’t exactly have The Rock’s mass of muscles. Tight-fitting cotton garments will highlight your physique and shout loudly that you are a confident guy.
  2. Jeans. If you want a tough-guy look, you have to forget pencil pants and brightly colored shorts and you should devote yourself heart and soul always to dark denim.
  3. Leather jacket. Leather jackets are the must-have items of clothing in the wardrobe of a Vin Diesel type. The important requirements are a close-fitting cut and high-quality leather: you’re good to go.

Boots. The perfect complement to this look is a pair of boots with a rock mood. If you want to increase your stature and acquire up to 10 inches more, then do just like Vin Diesel and always choose a pair of elevator shoes.