Total Denim is Back, Even for Elevator Shoes

The all denim look is back for the spring summer 2018 season. So get ready to look out those old jeans and and top it off with a denim shirt and some denim inspired elevator shoes, for a modern retro style that will keep you right on trend this summer…

Denim has been a trendsetting fabric for decades. And this year, that double denim trend we saw in the late 90s and early 00s is finally making a comeback. Probably the most memorable moment for this all denim trend was back in 2001 when popstars Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake showed up on the red carpet at the American Music Awards each wearing all denim outfits, coordinating their style together. They showed the world that denim doesn’t have to be a casual style and can be worn for all occasions, even formal ones.

And that trend is once again making style statements among the most fashionable people in Hollywood. It can have a trendy street look and a smart, sophisticated look, all while being a super comfortable, easy to wear style.

For a cool, casual style, sneakers can be your best option. The Denim by GuidoMaggi perfectly captures the all denim trend and will look super slick with your Levi jeans. Double up the denim for extra street style with a washed denim shirt over a crisp white t-shirt, giving the trend an update for 2018. The Denim high top sneakers are the ideal elevator shoes to bring confidence to your style, able to increase your height by up to 4 inches. With two tone denim and rips with star detailing, these height increasing shoes channel the total denim trend.

For a lighter, more summery feel, a slip on may feel more comfortable. The Como will help you stay on trend with the double denim look with its textured denim effect cotton upper. These handcrafted elevator shoes can add 2.6 inches to your height and help to keep you cool when the temperatures rise. Ideal for pairing with light denim jeans.

Formal styles can also channel this double denim trend. Elevator shoes, such as the Corinth can help you emulate the modern denim look but keep you looking elegant for more formal occasions ad your workday. These Italian leather shoes feature various shades of blue and will increase your height by up to 3.1 inches. Plus, they’ll give you the comfort and sophistication that you need for an all day event.