The luxury industry protects animals, it saves them from extinction


“The truth is that luxury allows the protection of the Louisiana alligators” – reveals Matthew Kilgariff, director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Richemont. It’s time to clarify: luxury brands like GuidoMaggi work to protect the environment and the animals.

It’s difficult but with a correct information you can absolutely overcome the skeptics that cloud the world of luxury. Among these, there is a belief that luxury industry harms nature, that it exploits its resources for the satisfaction of the richest. However, this is not the case.  The tales of NGOs and animal welfare associations are denied by the reality of the facts – so much that leather has become the new must-have of 2020 precisely because its ecological value is recognized – and by the observation that the luxury sector is one of the most ethically moral choices from the environment’s point.

It prefers environmentally friendly and waste-free productions, it does not pollute our planet by producing plastic materials such as eco or green leather  but the most important part is that it protects the animals by preserving their natural habitat. The latest confirmation for this comes from Matthew Kilgariff, director of Corporate Social Responsibility of Richemont who, from the World’s Wildlife Day 2020 of March 3 at the United Nations in Geneva, revealed that “the customer of luxury, also known as the top shopper, allows the protection of Louisiana alligators, which are top predators.”

The economic exploitation of alligators, mainly used for the production of leather accessories, protects that. In other words: it is luxury that saves Louisiana alligators and it allows them to live without any fear. This information slowly clears the cloud that makes the shoe industry the bad guy.

“The fact that alligators only lay eggs in nature allows the swamps to remain swamps,” said Kilgariff in a press release. If this wasn’t the case, then Louisiana’s landowners would convert the funds, and they simply would not maintain their natural conditions. With this, they would destroy the biotopes that 8,000 species are depending on, including the alligators.

“No one reflects on the dynamics underlying the world of luxury, which in this case, and in many others as well, is at the center of the animal’s protection, especially those who are at risk of extinction. A conscious production activity that fits perfectly with nature’s biodiversity has allowed Louisiana’s alligator population to grow exponentially in recent decades. Furthermore, the manager of Richemont added that the wetlands “retain a phenomenal amount of carbon dioxide, but they disappear more quickly than forests as well”.

Brands such as GuidoMaggi, which is a leader in the elevator shoe production, has been operating according to the dictates of eco-compatibility since its very beginning. We always say NO to waste, and yes to selected raw materials which result in respect for the animals and nature. Elevator shoes 100% Made in Italy, entirely handcrafted and customized, all while respecting the environment. The real conscious luxury can be found here, at GuidoMaggi.