How Luxury Helps to Overcome a Crisis

Emanuele Briganti, CEO of GuidoMaggi: Luxury helps to overcome the crisis. Despite the emergency period, the luxury market holds us and supports us. A way to feel better is to surround yourself with beautiful things and to enhance the Italian economy

The period that we are experiencing right now is one of the most difficult periods in a while, almost worse than a war.  There is an invisible enemy that threatens us and we feel helpless because the only way we have to fight it is to stay indoors and wait for another one to save us.

This emergency period has changed our habits, it has overturned our lifestyle overnight, and the most important, and it has drastically limited our freedoms.

From a psychological point of view, the impact is devastating, and because of this reason, it is inevitable to seek comfort and self-gratification that can support us and give us courage.  And that’s why the luxury sector comes to our help, it does not let itself be influenced by the economic contingencies of the moment because it keeps us and supports us. If anyone asks why luxury is increasing despite the crisis, it is because it has important implications for people’s psychology: it gives people a sense of hope and optimism.

Emanuele Briganti, the CEO of GuidoMaggi which is, by the way, an exclusive brand that has been producing luxury shoes for over 100 years, is convinced of this. Every GuidoMaggi creation is made from selected materials and is crafted in Italy by expert craftsman. The shoes are a masterpiece that dazzles for haute couture and class that is only made in Italy. The guarantee for the sustainability of the product is that GuidoMaggi manufactures tailor-made, customized and attention-to-the-minute footwear.  “Precisely in this context” – explains Emanuele Briganti – “sartorial masterpieces such as GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are able to gratify us through the practice of beauty. And that’s what we need right now; to surround ourselves with beautiful and luxurious things that are capable of improving our life, like precious amulets”.

A product that, not only stands out for class and refinement but makes us feel more confident as well, with the help of a discreet and comfortable elevator system.  A gift that we deserve right now, a luxury that has a very profound value, Italian excellence that lifts our spirits and our overall self-esteem. In difficult situations like this one, treating yourself to a high-quality Italian shoe contributes not only to the economy of the country but it also fulfills the need to feel good about yourself, thanks to exclusive products that are more successful today than ever.

They are here to illuminate our days with uniqueness and elegance. At the end of the day, let’s remember that only beauty will save the world. And that beauty should come from the exclusive Italian shoe brand GuidoMaggi, who will give you comfort and will always fulfill your needs.