The Key for a Stylish St.Patrick’s Day

For the most important festivity in Ireland now widespread all over the world, the green, symbol of the island, dominates. It’s truly a lucky color to wear by choosing the exclusive GuidoMaggi elevator shoes

St. Patrick’s Day is the holiday dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland, and is celebrated on March 17th, but has now taken on an international significance. It’s an opportunity to have fun, dance and drink lots of beer. It is a green date awaited all over the world. I said green because that color is the symbolic color of Ireland and symbol of hope and vitality as well. To honor the date as best as it could, you can’t do anything but choose to wear green garments or accessories in order to match the anniversary and of course to wear it as a good omen. A lucky charm was never as appreciated as it is in this difficult situation.

And right now we need hope and luck. A small gesture, like wearing something green, can transform our day, make us more optimistic and hopeful for the future. It’s always nice when, even on gray and dark days, there is always something that can make us more hopeful for the new day that’s coming. For St. Patrick’s tradition dictates it, because good wishes cannot be renounced. We can do it with style, showing once again that class is what distinguishes us, and makes us unique and confident in ourselves. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes represent the exclusive note that can characterize our outfit for Saint Patrick’s day, transforming it into a refined, sophisticated and always cool look. The shoes handmade in Italy and created by expert craftsmen were made according to personalized measures. The GuidoMaggi shoes are able to give us extra inches of height in total comfort and discretion, and they are the trump card on every occasion, even for an event such as St. Patrick’s Day. Among GuidoMaggi height increasing shoes there’s such a wide choice but those in green are almost irresistible.

The Woodstock boots are a clear example. They’re not simple boots, but instead, a masterpiece that manages to transform calfskin into a unique footwear with a rebellious spirit that frees your desire for a casual outfit while making your look unique and trendy at the same time. We shouldn’t forget to mention also the height increase of about 4 inches (10 cm), which enhances the figure and increases its charm as well.

In the name of exclusivity and uniqueness, the boots Hudson Yards by GuidoMaggi are made of hand-buffered calfskin with a “deep mint” green shade which makes it even more stylish and attractive. A casual-chic style is always spot on and refined, in order to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day at its best: more beautiful, more fortunate, more elegant and taller with GuidoMaggi elevator shoes.