The cosmopolitan watch meets the exclusive elegance of the Mezzago shoe

For lovers of luxury chic, GuidoMaggi and Rolex are the timeless classics, an emblem of refinement and prestige

Authentic luxury is the epitome of care, quality and character. All prerogatives that characterize both one of Rolex’s iconic watches, the Gmt Master II in yellow gold and green dial (reference number 116718) and the new Mezzago shoe by GuidoMaggi. What unites them, making them the most extraordinary combo of the season, is excellence. Both born from craftsmanship, they are exclusive items that do not just complete your outfit but also make it exclusive and sophisticated.

The Rolex Gmt Master II is a timeless classic synonymous with elegance and prestige. Mezzago, the elevator shoe from the new GuidoMaggi collection, is the essence of luxury chic. An Oxford made with fine smooth genuine python leather with an attractive olive green nuance.

It’s the authentic manufacturing of excellence that unites these two items.

Rolex designs and manufactures all the critical components of its watches, from the fusion of gold alloys to the assembly of the movement, case, dial, and bracelet elements. And it does not neglect the processing and finishing. The GMT Master II in yellow gold and green dial is an evolution of the original model, created for the specific needs of the modern traveller. In 2005 the brand new reference 116718LN was presented, with a gold case and bracelet, an absolute new archetype that forcefully enters contemporary watchmaking. Characterized by its massive but proportionate volumes, with spheres and glasses that enlarge, as does the crown, for the first time locked by a latest-generation watertight closure system with three gaskets, called triplock.

Style, sturdiness and precision for a watch with a strong character, capable of permeating every outfit.

Mezzago is the ideal partner of this refined Rolex. It is a unique and exclusive masterpiece for your sophisticated looks. The new model of the GM collection is cared for in every detail by the maison’s master shoemakers. The sole is in 100% Italian leather and offers up to 8 centimetres of extra height in absolute comfort and always with the utmost discretion.

The Rolex GMT-Master II yellow gold green dial is the professional watch that never goes unnoticed. A masterpiece of style, in a limited edition. Class and sportiness combined for a highly coveted piece of inestimable value. Designed to indicate the time in two time zones simultaneously, the GMT Master was born as a navigation tool for professionals who travel the world. The GM model is the ideal complement for its workmanship and high quality.

The chronograph of the Swiss brand together with the Mezzago elevator shoe represents the ideal combination for the man who does not compromise and always seeks the best. It is inevitable to fall in love with these two masterpieces of the most sophisticated craftsmanship: a luxury made of sturdiness and obsessive attention to detail. The juxtaposition between Gmt Master II and Mezzago becomes natural. The elevator model shines for its uniqueness in the line and details, rigorously made by hand and to measure. The Rolex completes the outfit of the contemporary globetrotter, lover of beauty, who likes to please and get noticed.