Rolex Daytona and Fontvieille elevator shoes: the best performance and class for the most exclusive combination of the season

The chronograph par excellence of the Swiss brand combines with the new model of the Lecce Maison to enhance and elevate your style in all ways. The iconic charm of a watch that has made history fits perfectly with the lines and artistry of a handcrafted shoe designed for an elegant and never predictable look.

The ceramic Daytona in steel – reference 116500 – perfectly match the Fontvieille elevator shoes by GuidoMaggi, celebrating elegance, high performance, excellent quality and unique style. A combination that enhances your look with a touch of unparallel class by pairing two manufacturing masterpieces that shape the outfit and define its contours in the sign of true luxury. A luxury, in both cases, made of passion, attention to detail, captivating design, tradition masterfully revisited in a contemporary key. The Rolex is a watch of legend, and the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are the only ones that can enhance its allure. The secret? They are high tailoring elevator shoes handmade by expert craftsmen attentive to every detail and nuance. Like the Swiss brand, GuidoMaggi is an international company recognized for the quality of the materials used, the certified manufacturing, the attention to detail, the pure beauty of their products, the result of over 100 years of history, passion and tradition.

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, launched in 1963, was designed to meet the needs of professional pilots. The patented chronograph movement and bezel with tachymeter scale allows runners to accurately measure average speed up to a maximum of 400 kilometres per hour or – alternatively – miles per hour. It is the chronograph par excellence, the must-have in the world of luxury watches, to blend with your outfit by choosing accessories that match its majestic presence, like the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes.

The Daytona is an icon that has always been linked to the world of motorsports and high performance. More than fifty years after its creation, it remains a total and unrivalled point of reference. The model of the Swiss brand pays homage to a place – Daytona, Florida – a symbol of the passion for speed and racing since the beginning of the 20th century. The name tells the historical and privileged link that unites Rolex and car racing: a cult object that, over time, has been appreciated by a wider audience, businessmen, and gentlemen who love precision, rigour and perfection.

The model has a steel case and Oyster bracelet, a black ceramic bezel and a sapphire crystal. Exclusive and elegant, despite its sporty soul, it’s a watch almost impossible to find, with prices up to 30 thousand euros.: as the brand’s only chronograph, it has always been the model with the most extended waiting list. Everyone wants it because it is the quintessential symbol of true elegance, the one that in the past embodied a sex symbol of the calibre of Paul Newman, who loved to wear it often.

The new Rolex Cosmograph is an object for a true connoisseur to wear exclusively with the Fontvieille model by GuidoMaggi. Fontvieille is a wholecut shoe built on a single piece of fine leather. The shoe is made with a single leather cut, without seams, except for the sole and finishing at the edges. In addition, it also features sophisticated Goodyear quality. The sole is in 100% Italian leather, flexible and lightened. A model with a lifting system of up to 8 cm increases your height and style with effectiveness and discretion. A red carpet elevator shoe that’ll make you star on every occasion. Together with the Rolex Daytona, Fontvieille forms an exclusive mix, a timeless elegance that never goes unnoticed.