Sure-footed Luxury, in Every Season

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When the weather turns cold and snowy, a slippery path becomes a problem. For most folks, regular leather outsoles turn into ice skates in this kind of weather. Even worse, ‘sensible’ shoes and boots for Winter weather walking often look unflattering, if safer to wear. Most importantly, for the ones who want to gain height, their dress elevator shoes aren’t made for sure-footed walking in the Winter.

luxury elevator shoes

You could wear galoshes, overshoes, wet weather boots (Wellingtons, if your in the UK), but that might not fit your style. Plus, if you have to lug your shoes along with you and change when you get to your destination, that can be inconvenient. All in all, these choices may not fit well, if you need shoes that make you look taller.

There is a solution! Perhaps you are familiar with ‘Dainite’ style studded rubber soles. Well, Vibram makes the best of these all-weather soles, and they are available to anyone who needs them via GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes. In fact, any boot or shoe style with a round toe-cap can be made with Vibram soles. These are not ‘commando’ style soles, often called ‘waffle stompers’. They are discreet, for the fashion conscious wearer, who desires better traction on slippery surfaces.

All you have to do when ordering your shoes is to let them know you want Vibram soles, rather than regular leather outsoles. They’ll be glad to oblige, at no extra charge. Remember, all round toe cap footwear can be upgraded to Vibram soles. Sorry, square toed styles can’t be accommodated.

Take a whole, new direction in your Winter footwear choices, and get Vibram soles on your dress shoes, casual boots, etc. They’re only a phone call away.