Dressing Up and Standing Tall for the Holidays

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If you’ve been on-the-fence about trying to gain height with elevator shoes, the holidays are a great time to jump in with both feet. At this time of year, everybody is breaking out of the same, boring routine. They’re ready to party, and the holidays oblige by providing the occasions for some of the best parties of the year. A big part of this scene is dressing up (and down, if you’re into breaking the conservative mold), which means you can try out new looks and new ideas.

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One of the biggest fashion ideas these days is: Tall Is the New Black. Combine that with festive garb, and you simply must stand up (and stand out) in shoes that make you look taller. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices in such footwear. Aside from formal, patent leather shoes, you can step out in boots, sneakers, loafers, and even exotic leather looks that will turn heads while discreetly increasing your height. Best of all, you can get them made exactly the way you want by contacting the best source of these elegant choices for the holidays.

Now is the time to consider color accents, styles, and special add-ons that increase your visibility, comfort, and safety. One easy step to take is to add Vibram soles to any round toe cap style of shoe or boot you like. These special soles work like Dainite studs to give you sure-footed traction on icy, snowy surfaces. When you order your footwear, just ask for Vibram soles. They’re available at no extra charge (but not available on square toe cap styles). Whichever style you choose, choose it now! Get your footwear in time for the Holidays. Then step out in style and have a great time!