How to Increase Height Discreetly? Boots!

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Wearing a pair of boots is a time-honored way of increasing height. Many styles (cowboy, Cuban Heel, Beatle boots) have a heel that’s augmented, either for practical purposes (horse-riding, dancing, etc.), or for aesthetic reasons. Here’s the thing: for those who are looking more for height increase (and discretion) than fashion, most have to settle for these styles alone, and with no extra height increase inside the footwear.

Fortunately, in the luxury market, there’s an alternative. There are bespoke boots that also include 21st Century lift technology into the insole. This means that even more increase in stature is possible, if the wearer wishes it so. Unlike ready-made boots that have ‘shoe lifts’ inserted, as an afterthought, these luxurious boots are designed and crafted, from the ground up, to be discreetly elevating, comfortable, and superb. The cheaper boots are often uncomfortable to wear, pushing the foot up into the top of the upper, which was never designed to accommodate the additional lift to the wearer’s foot.

So, in the quest to answer the question of how to gain height, one of the best solutions is boots. While they may not be ideal for conservative business dress, in most situations, boots can go with just about any wardrobe choice. The key is to find a source of superior footwear, that can create, modify, and personalize these boots to your specifications. A given fixed style might be close to what you want, but would have to be made of a specific leather choice, differing sizes in the left and right foot, etc., to meet your requirements. Only a source that crafts footwear by hand, with an attention to detail and customer satisfaction, can truly deliver what you want and need.