Height Increasing Shoes in the 21st Century

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Back in the bad old days, height increasing shoes used to be both obvious and unflattering. Sure, you stood taller, but the footwear managed to call attention to itself in the worst way: the shoes looked cheap and fit awkwardly. In short (pun intended), if you wanted to know how to gain height then, you either chose boots that had a bit of a raised heel, or you succumbed to those ‘lift shoes’ that didn’t really disguise their ‘hidden benefit’.

hidden heel shoes

Fast forward to today. The gap in the marketplace has been filled. Truly elegant footwear with the hidden benefit of modern, 21st Century lift technology is here. Even better, there are choices available that were formerly unimaginable: elevator loafers, women’s styles, and even elevator sandals. Best of all, each and every pair of these luxurious shoes, boots, sneakers, etc., can be made just for you. That’s because bespoke shoes that make you taller are a reality, not just a fond hope.

If you’ve been ‘on the fence’ about using footwear to solve the problem, “How do I increase my height?”, now is the time to discover the best answer to that question – make it from scratch. First, you need to select only the best leathers. Then, you need to design a shoe that discreetly adds to your height without giving away the secret. Next, you must choose styling and accents that flatter your wardrobe. Finally, you need to construct the footwear entirely by hand, with an artisan’s flair, skill, and experience.

If that’s too much for you to handle yourself, give the job to the experts. Select the styles you want, then get them made with your own, personal touches that make them your own. That’s even better than doing it yourself!