Style Choices & Elevator Shoes Part 3 – Your Need for Height Increase

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Every man (and woman) who is ‘vertically challenged’ has a unique perspective on his or her condition. For some, being at the low end of the height curve is no problem. In fact, it may be part of their appeal. Actor Warwick Davis has made a very successful, public career, despite being 3′ 6” (106.7 cm). In his case, he has no need for ‘height increase’. Wearing tall man shoes would be counterproductive.

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Obviously, not everyone can take the ‘if you can’t fix it, feature it’ path in life. Most folks who are less tall than they want to be adapt to their situation (consciously or unconsciously). Some even go to the trouble of relocating, surrounding themselves with people who are of short stature, like in the Philippines. For those who don’t fancy going to extremes, elevator shoes can help, along with the proper fashion choices that accentuate a vertical line.

What you do in life can also determine whether or not your stature is an obstacle. American basketball players are often noted for being exceptionally tall. Nevertheless, there have been NBA professionals as short as 5’3”. However, being the exception may not fit with your personality type. In that case, adding to your height with shoes that increase it will be the way to go. The key is to find the right shoes that fit, not only your desire to stand taller, but don’t call attention to themselves for the wrong reasons. Cheap ‘lift shoes’ don’t do the job. Elegant, handmade footwear with a discreet lift incorporated into the design of the shoe itself will do the job perfectly. I leave it to you to decide which path is best for you: feature it, or fix it.