Style Choices and Elevator Shoes, Part 2: Your Personality

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Those who stand tall in their bare feet generally have a laid-back persona. Those who don’t generally develop a fireproof confidence and, sometimes, a “deplorable excess of personality”. The trick for the vertically challenged, who do all they can to increase their height, is to tailor their behavior to match who they wish to be with who they are now.

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One example of a person with a truly ‘forward’ personality, who happens to be short, is comedian Jon Stewart. True, his on-screen persona is an act. However, many aspects of his outgoing, high energy behavior are the result of growing up (and stopping unexpectedly) in a competitive environment in New Jersey, which is not known for producing shy, retiring types. You will have to consider the local norms of behavior in your environment, if you are contemplating a change in how you present yourself to the world. What works in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, may not pass muster in Fargo, North Dakota.

The main consideration, if you are trying to match your presentation to your new height, is what actually works for you. The last thing you might want to do is imitate someone you admire, but is a total mismatch for who you are, inside. This also includes what you wear. Again, a mismatch here could mean that your clothes will be wearing you, so to speak. Think about the times you have seen someone and said to yourself, “That person’s a wannabe – trying to be someone he is not”. Make sure your choices in clothing, behavior, etc., aren’t too far away from who you are, underneath.