Bespoke, Made-to-Order Elevator Shoes

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The latest ‘fad’ is handmade. Artisanal pickles, small batch wineries, hand bound books – it’s all part of a trend in getting back to basics. The thing is, this is no trendy thing for some craftsmen. The cordwainer is an artisan who crafts bespoke footwear for the discerning client. They’ve been around for hundreds of years. They aren’t starting a trend. They’re continuing custom work that dates back to the Renaissance.

bespoke elevator shoes

What’s new in the field is height increasing shoes, crafted for the individual. For the most part, ‘tall shoes’ are mass produced basic styles, with lifts stuck inside as an afterthought. They represent a simple, economic decision: deliver the most, to the most people. Well, ‘most people’ aren’t discerning, with an eye towards luxury, comfort, and discretion. For those few who can appreciate the best, sweatshop stuff isn’t their preference.

Enter the specialized cordwainer. This artisan can craft footwear that looks elegant, is made from top quality leather, and incorporates a discreet lift for the wearer that is tailored to that wearer’s actual needs. Instead of taking pre-made shoes and putting questionable lifts inside, these craftsmen use 21st Century lift technology as the foundation for a shoe, boot, sneaker, loafer, or even a sandal, that can become the exact fit the intended wearer needs.

If you are such a discerning person, it’s time to reach out to the one source of such bespoke elevator footwear. Perhaps you need more lift on one side than the other. You could possibly prefer a given style in an exotic leather upper. You might also require a very soft fit, to accommodate your sensitive feet. It’s time to pick up the phone and call the source that will happily craft your footwear to your exacting specifications.