Style Choices & Elevator Shoes Part 4 – Your Lifestyle

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Try and picture, in your mind, a conservative banker wearing 5 inch boots to work. That’s a mismatch, isn’t it? Such boots might be perfect for a rock star, on stage, but definitely a major gaffe in the boardroom of a bank. While this is an extreme example of a lifestyle clash, it does point out the need for tailoring your look to how you live, and how you want to be living in the future.

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Many men who want to increase their height are motivated by a desire to elevate their stature in their career, or in the realm of romance. Face it, the purpose of elevator shoes is not just to make one taller: it’s to help one rise up in life. That’s why your lifestyle will help you choose just the right style of tall shoes for men that will help you get to where you want to go. The last thing you want to do is defeat that purpose by selecting a style or type of elevator footwear that calls attention to itself. You don’t want your shoes to ‘wear you’.

While you may think you need the maximum amount of lift for your height, it may be that a proper style choice (and a bit less lift) will increase your apparent stature more than just getting an extra 4-5 inches of absolute height. For one thing, maximal lift can be hard to handle. It’s more difficult to stay surefooted when you have more lift than you can manage, which will call attention to your attempt to increase your height. Perhaps the best way to get exactly the right amount of lift, along with a proper style match, is to speak to someone who can guide you along the path to selecting the perfect style for you.