London Fashion Week Highlights from GuidoMaggi

A number of new collections debuted at London Fashion Week, paving the way for fashionable months ahead. One notable newcomer included Tinie Tempah’s What We Wear, while Vivienne Westwood made the transition from Milan to London at last. Her long-awaited return was not the least bit disappointing to true connoisseurs of men’s fashion.

scarpe rialzate fashion week

Staying true to her punk roots, Westwood’s models marched down the runway in a variety of exquisite pieces – some good, some bad, and some ugly by no accident. This bizarre compilation of styles made for some of the most interesting at London’s Fashion Week. A collection that won’t soon be forgotten.

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Liam Hodges debuted a dystopian-esque collection featuring digitally printed camo on denim, apocalyptic prints and unique headwear that evoked thoughts of A Clockwork Orange. Urban by nature, the collection was among the most offbeat at London Fashion Week.

Like many other fashion weeks in recent years, bloggers and fashion journalists stole the show in terms of street wear. A number of trends were present among patrons, including men and women wearing brilliant shades of cobalt blue, red and yellow. A stark contrast to the minimalism that rang throughout, these statement-making pieces lent a burst of brightness to an otherwise dreary London weekend. Fashion blogger Kish Raveendran wore GuidoMaggi for the occasion, pairing distressed brown dress shoes with a striking navy pinstriped suit that read polished with edge.

Named among the weekend’s Best Dressed by GQ Australia, Kish evoked the true spirit of GuidoMaggi – bold, sophisticated and supremely stylish. The GuidoMaggi collection contains a number of fashion-forward styles, including handpainted pairs customized to fit the size and unique demands of each customer. These special height increasing shoes can subtly and discreetly increase height, providing the style and stature men have craved for decades.

The Urban aesthetic was alive and well within several collections at London Fashion Week. GuidoMaggi’s line of tall shoes meshes perfectly with this theme. From stylish sneakers ideal for leisure, to dress shoes intended to celebrate all of life’s most special events, GuidoMaggi strives to offer footwear that not only alters your appearance, but also state of mind.