GuidoMaggi Debuts “Patina” Technique at the 91st edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo

The 91st edition of menswear fashion show Pitti Immagine Uomo kicked off on Tuesday. This year’s theme, #PittiDanceOff, explores the worlds of music and dance, and the way these two work in unison with fashion. 

A variety of brands will present their unique collections of Fall/Winter 2017-2018 clothing and accessories through an array of events, discussions, conferences and musical concerts. 

Tommy Hilfiger presented his new ready-to-wear collection, which included looks that were both sporty and sophisticated, glamorous and young. 

elevator shoes patina

Historic Tuscan brand Sutor Mantellassi compiled one of the most striking events of the entire 91st edition, offering a series of images from Ruediger Glatz. These photos tell the story of strong personalities throughout history, from Welsh designer and tailor Timothy Everest, to German artist Sandro Kopp and bassist Lorenzo Jovanotti, Saturnino. 

The upcoming collections included a variety of casual looks, though the designers took care not to neglect quality and craftsmanship. From the use of new materials, to a meticulous attention to detail and a comfortable fit, a number of trends were present. There was also a heavy presence of shirts and sweaters boasting bicolor and decorated details. There were casual pants that were sports-inspired, while remaining soft and elegant, as well as denim that is seemingly destined to be the star of next year’s winterwear. 

Not surprisingly, designers presented a wide array of jackets on the runway, from classic black, to those decorated in trendy stripes and unconventional shades like white and blue. GuidoMaggi ambassador and fashion blogger Kish Raveendran kept with this year’s theme, sporting a sleek and sophisticated look that drew attention with little effort. 

Raveendran wore a pair of GuidoMaggi shoes boasting exclusive “patina” construction. This meticulous process requires a great deal of craftsmanship, as it entails fading shades to their original color by dabbing a sponge on top of full grain leather to create a look that is retro-inspired and completely unique. It is a technique enhances the texture, gradation and natural shine of the shoe. It pays homage to the shoe’s wearer – a modern man with a sophisticated, elegant way of dressing. 

Pitti Uomo 2017, in addition to serving as a meeting place for fashion lovers is crucial in determining future trends in men’s fashion, and for this reason the “patina” technique by GuidoMaggi marks the new frontier of masculine chic.

Pitti Uomo will run through Friday, January 13.