Emanuele Briganti: fashion cannot only be virtual. The joy of choosing and touching the exclusive GuidoMaggi elevator shoes is priceless.

The return to pre-Covid life brings the return to the physicality of the purchase with it. In GM showrooms, everything is ready to experience true luxury concretely.

The health emergency is about to return; thanks to the mass vaccination plan, we are gradually returning to pre-Covid life. The lockdown has compromised our consumption habits. Online shopping suffered an inevitable surge during the pandemic, but now a turnaround is underway. Fashion does not stand still: in these difficult months, it had to reinvent itself, giving up fashion shows and events and focusing on other diffusion channels. But online shopping alone cannot be enough in high fashion. Here, where luxury becomes a reality, you need to touch, see with your own eyes, smell and test the texture.

GuidoMaggi, the leader in the production of luxury elevator shoes, has always believed in the customer’s need for physicality. While responding to their needs through personalized and cutting-edge e-commerce, the brand has never given up offline sales. In 2020, GuidoMaggi inaugurated the largest elevator footwear showroom in the world in Zurich. A vital sign of optimism that now pays off.

“Online high fashion is not enough. We need certainties, to touch the luxury, especially shoes with a handcrafted, exclusive and 100% made in Italy lifting system, signed by GuidoMaggi”, says Emanuele Briganti, CEO and artistic director of the company.

Now that we’re about to return to the fashion shows, the Lecce fashion house is ready. In line with Giorgio Armani, Briganti has always thought that luxury could not be enclosed in the narrow confines of the virtual realm. During the confinement, the brand’s website has been strengthened to be closer to its customers, with services and tools capable of responding to all requests and fulfilling all needs. “But direct experience continues to be indispensable. The virtual cannot replace the genuine and emotional relationship with the craftsman and with the professionals: a method chosen by GuidoMaggi to keep the brand alive and give it character. The online and the charm of the old shop are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other in a virtuous balance “.

The return to physical experience has a tremendous symbolic value. The pandemic was an opportunity for the fashion world to regenerate, returning to the concept of slow luxury, to experience slowly and with greater awareness. “Fashion must return to its ancient splendour – comments Briganti -. We must enhance the craftsmanship, the choice of fine leathers, the talent and creativity that lies behind our brand “. And this also happens by returning to physical experience with confidence: to the showrooms in Zurich, Lecce, Tokyo and Milan, waiting for other GM stores to open in Europe and the United States.

To be ready for the new challenge, GuidoMaggi focuses, as always, on high-quality collections: classy, ​​handmade and tailor-made shoes that are a pleasure to touch, wear, closely observing the mastery of inimitable craftsmanship.

Touching the product first hand is a more substantial experience than buying online. The digital trend will continue, but at a slower pace than last year. The gratification and joy of entering a store are priceless.

GuidoMaggi, which has always focused on the foreign market, also makes customer experience the maison’s mission: balancing the market’s needs with those of customers in the best possible way and consistently trying to satisfy them in the best possible way.