Why people should not buy Chinese elevator shoes and the damage that comes from wearing them

Although Chinese elevator shoes might sound tempting due to their affordability, there are numerous reasons why they should not become a part of your footwear collection. The best and only solution for your feet should be certified products that guarantee quality and comfort

The Chinese footwear industry boasts with a large choice of shoes on the market, including height increasing shoes that come at incredibly affordable prices and are easy to get. Nowadays, you are only one click away from purchasing a brand new pair of cheap elevator shoes. However, what many people don’t know is that these low prices come at a much higher cost.

Several years ago, people were introduced with the negative consequences that come from wearing Chinese shoes. Namely, Chinese shoes have been known to cause serious problems to people who wear them, to the point that they damage the skin and cause health issues with the consumers.

The alarm was raised by people from various backgrounds after experiencing health problems, and the issue has become increasingly relevant recently.

Honorary President of the XXII National Congress of the Italian Podiatrists Association (AIP), Mauro Montesi, is vigorously opposing this trend in the country. As an expert on the subject, Montesi has spoken about the issue of wearing Chinese shoes. According to him, there is a significant health risk from wearing low-quality footwear that has been produced in countries without production process controls and tanning toxic substances. While this does not correlate to all Chinese footwear products, there have been cases where some of them caused harm to the customers who bought them.

Montesi advises against purchasing low-quality shoes because of several reasons. He says that due to poor tanning and possibly using toxic materials in the production of the shoes, prolonged contact with them can result in harmful and poisonous components getting into the person’s organism.

The damages that can result from this cannot be completely predicted and can go from forming a small rash to things like allergies, dermatitis, or even poisoning.

The expert further asserts that people should treat their feet with care, and purchase high-quality elevator shoes produced in Italy with the proper production process control and natural materials.

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Remember, your feet are important, and so is your well-being.