The GuidoMaggi FW 21/22 collection reinvents the style rules with stress-free elevator shoes inspired by nature and rebirth

The new collection of the Italian brand presents elevator shoes that are a hymn to life and ignite the myth of La Dolce Vita. These are trendy models made to measure with precious leathers by the brand’s master craftsmen. From sneakers to loafers, from boots to lace-ups: each GM’s elevator shoe features incomparable luxury and the sophisticated soul of the most authentic Made in Italy. The CEO, Emanuele Briganti, says: “The elevator shoes of the new collection create new styles and trends that give emotions and inspire because they are made with passion and love”.

An exclusive selection of elevator shoes inspired by nature, rebirth and La Dolce Vita: here’s the new FW 21/22 collection by GuidoMaggi, the Lecce-based maison that has been producing high-quality footwear for over a century, tailor-made and personalized, according to the best craftsmanship tradition of the Made in Italy. Trendy elevator shoes that ensure maximum comfort with an invisible elevator system up to 6 inches (15 cm) that sends out a clear message: It’s Time to Stand Taller. The time has come to aim high with the exclusive GM footwear.

The new GuidoMaggi collection is proudly presented by the eclectic CEO of the brand, Emanuele Briganti. Tirelessly creative, Briganti always manages to bring his ideas to life, transforming them into masterpieces of haute couture. Briganti launches the new collection and, for the occasion, becomes a model for the brand, exceptional testimonial of the advertising campaign and promotional video of the new collection 2021/2022. A choice of character, dictated by the passion and dedication that always characterize his work. About the new collection, he says: “It’s been created with utmost attention to the smallest details. Our elevator shoes tell the story of Italy, the elegant and dreamer one of La Dolce Vita, ready to come back in style after the sacrifices of the pandemic. These shoes are the expression of love and passion, showcasing warm colours inspired by nature and exuding a timeless Italian charm”.

The new models will satisfy the needs of the contemporary man: a modern globetrotter, lover of comfort and beauty. From sneakers with thick soles to double monk straps, from elevator Chelsea boots to loafers: you will love the GM models thanks to their personality. The exclusive touch for every casual and chic outfit is presented with a captivating, modern and trendy mood. The classic models of the best vintage tradition are reinterpreted by adhering to current needs. Each shoe is made to measure and can be personalized according to the customer’s desire. In this way, each elevator shoe becomes unique, always in the name of elegance, to give momentum to your most captivating look.

The new collection features soft and enveloping shapes, great versatility, attention to detail and meticulous artistry, in this way each men’s elevator shoe is able to fit every style by making it exclusive and unique. Being taller is a dream that comes true with GuidoMaggi, while exuding class and the well-being and confidence that comes with loving yourself.

Particular attention is given to the precious leathers of the new elevator models, in shades that enhance the softness and high quality of the raw materials.

Declined in the most extraordinary nuances and textures, the GM elevator shoes always provide unforgettable emotions because they tell the wearer’s story: shoes that are a hymn to freedom, to always be yourself and do it in style.

Among the entries of the new collection, the sneakers with thick soles best express the brand’s philosophy: to create beauty and make it exclusive. The sporty-chic style conquers the beat generation and becomes its embodiment. Precious leathers and detailed finishes, seductive designs for urban footwear no longer relegated to casual time, but also perfect for more formal outfits.

The classic models – derbies, oxfords, lace-ups and monk straps, loafers, and boots – are elevator shoes of timeless refinement. Vintage comes to life in irresistible designs and lines, which leave no room for what has already been done, redefined in the folds of the fine leather crafted by master craftsmen like a sculpture. In particular, the fascinating and iconic two-tone double monks showcase two different overlapping types of leather. These are classic shoes inspired by the mood of the Dolce Vita: the golden period of the Italian rebirth, the economic boom, and the great comeback. “It’s a model I particularly care about – says the CEO Briganti – In fact, this elevator shoe was worn about ten years ago by a prominent actor in a Hollywood movie. Today, I wanted to bring it back to life, and the result is a timeless hybrid. Good ideas, like good poems, books, movies, always overcome time”.

This is a trendy collection for those who want to increase their height without ever giving up the charm instilled by a 100% Made in Italy masterpiece, fitting like an haute couture dress. As Emanuele Briganti points out, speaking about the new collection: “In a shoe, people look for secret emotions, hidden even from themselves. The emblazoned brand no longer counts; it no longer represents a status symbol. Today, the contemporary man sees in his shoes a tool to represent himself, and not just an accessory: something that must represent him at its best, telling stories and emotions, just like the new elevator models of the FW 2021/2022 collection do”.

Stand taller in style, thanks to GuidoMaggi.