The Dominance of Elevator Sneakers Will Remain a Trend of the New Decade!

From sporty chic to vintage, GuidoMaggi elevator shoes greet the new year with a selection that will dominate the fashion of the future. Always in the name of uniqueness that only the Italian brand can guarantee!

An intense decade is closing in the field of fashion. There have been more or less fortunate trends, stylistic meteors of a few months and others that have been able to impose themselves and that will dictate the fashion’s agenda even in the ’20s. The references in terms of style are constantly changing, but there is only one certainty today: elevator sneakers are the shoes of the future. Today, more than ever, these shoes are becoming cult objects that cannot be missing in one man’s wardrobe since they complete a really cool outfit. They have imposed themselves in fashion and will not abandon their primacy, indeed in the next decade, we will surely see their uncontested dominance. Also, because they are no longer relegated to marginal occasions, free time or casual outfits, these shoes can be flaunted at any event, even one that requires a formal dress code.

In short, sneakers have definitely been cleared through customs: they are the shoes that will dominate the new decade because they are practical, stylish and always cool.

The fashion of the past decade, 2010-2019, will be remembered for the affirmation of sneakers as high-fashion footwear. The transition from leisure time trainers to protagonists of the catwalks took place thanks to Karl Lagerfield, who in 2014 along with his couture collection designed for Chanel inserted precious sneakers, decorated with flowers and embroidery, glitter and silver, and combined them with suits and trousers, cocktail and evening dresses. This is exactly how GuidoMaggi creates its stylish sneakers: refined masterpieces, with a tailored cut, handmade with the highest quality materials, which they conquer for their secret elevator system that can give up to 4.3 inches (11 centimeters) more in height, with discretion and elegance.

The future is in GuidoMaggi height increasing sneakers. The selection of the styles is unique, always in trend and, literally, to scream for. 2020 and the whole of the next decade will live as an embodiment of men who love the exclusivity of the sneakers signed by GuidoMaggi. The real luxury is knowing how to choose shoes that always give emotions, and that is why GuidoMaggi elevator sneakers are at the top.

From the Varenne to the chunky sneakers of the Giant capsule collection, to the Hollywood Peak sneakers, a triumph of new styles to be put immediately in the wish list, to start the new year and the new decade under the sign of elegance.