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Leather Is the New Must-Have of 2020!

Unchallenged dominance of leather on Milan’s high fashion catwalks. Garments molded from prestigious raw materials such as ponyskin, suede or shearling. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes and accessories have always been the coolest choice Read more

Record Auction for Napoleon’s Leather Boots

Even the French general, only 169 centimeters tall, would have worn GuidoMaggi elevator shoes. Bonaparte was not a fan of banality, so he chose only the best of footwear, made of fine materials and tailored just like the GuidoMaggi creations! Read more

Vegan Leather Is a Lie

The general manager of the French brand Longchamp, Jean Cassegrain, in a recent interview went against ‘greenwashing’ pointing out ‘vegan leather’ does not exist, defending the sustainable tradition that characterizes reputable companies! Read more