Sixth Triumph for Liverpool! Thousands Celebrated the Victory

Liverpool won the Champions League for the sixth time in the history of the club as Divock Origi and Egyptian striker Momo Salah sealed the win for the team. Momo is a 175 centimeters of pure talent and an influential style icon on social media.

For the sixth time in their history, Liverpool proved they simply adore the shiny old pot. Beating Tottenham in the final with a result of 2-0 and becoming the latest champions of the Champions League was a huge victory for the Klopp’s team. Thanks to the penalty from the Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah a few minutes after the kick-off and the goal by the Belgian forwards Divock Origi a few minutes before the end, Liverpool team and the fans were able to celebrate another well-deserved championship. The Wanda Metropolitano’s heroes returned home to England with their sixth trophy and as expected a prodigious party was held in their city. Reasonably, Salah and Origi were among the most praised by the fans.

Mohamed Salah, who also plays for the Egypt national team, even though considered one of the best players in the world, is much more than just a professional footballer. The 5 foot and 7 inches tall footballer is not only a sports idol and a pure talent but also a style icon across social media. If the 28 million Instagram followers do not speak about how admired Salah actually is, then it can certainly be proved with the fact he was chosen as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time and could be found on the cover of the magazine.

Nicknamed Momo, Mohamed Salah immortalized his breakthrough with the cover photo shoot wearing usual football clothes. Outside of the dressing rooms, however, Momo’s style can be described as casual chic. In fact, the so-called “Messi of Egypt” prefers trousers, hooded sweatshirts, polo shirts, as well as other cozy but fashionable clothing items. The choice of colors Momo normally goes for different shades of beige, white, dark blue, and black. Just like playing style, Momo’s look is always strong and imaginative.

However, just because Salah is often seen in comfortable clothes, does not mean he has no taste in elegant attire. Quite opposite, Momo’s athletic and muscular build allows him to wear different combinations and styles, all fitting him perfectly. Therefore, Salah’s way of dressing, outside the football court, make him a style icon beyond any doubt. Moreover, what Salah favors the most is nothing other than beautiful and comfortable models of sneakers. As a noteworthy piece of clothing, Momo never goes wrong with the footwear and he usually chooses low or mid-top sneakers.

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