Luxury Shoes Thrive on Elegance

One of Bologna’s most popular fashion labels, Testoni is a brand known for elegance. The luxury shoe brand combines high quality construction with a classic design direction to create footwear for today’s sophisticated men. Among the many things that set the brand apart from the rest are its meticulous methods of construction. From Piuma Rapid construction, to elegant Bolognese construction, these exceptional methods of craftsmanship speak volumes of the brand’s commitment to sartorial excellence. 

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Piuma Rapid construction, patented by Testoni, involves a revolutionary process done entirely by hand. The result of this construction is a lightweight shoe that effectively insulates feet from cold, heat and humidity. The brand also utilizes Norwegian Construction, an ancient technique which entails an exclusive hand braided stitch in an unfinished linen twine. This method was derived from northern Europe’s traditional mountain boots, and continues to set Testoni apart from the rest. 

In offering exceptional quality to its customers, Testoni also utilizes Bolognese construction, which guarantees outstanding comfort. This type of construction embodies the true spirit of the Testoni brand. With this, the shoe’s upper is hand sewn to a special soft kidskin lining, resulting in a glove-like fit unparalleled in flexibility. Taking the technique one step further, Testoni has paired its Bolognese construction with the tried and true Goodyear method, creating the Goodyear Bolognese method that expertly captures the need for comfort, resistance and flexibility in footwear. 

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