How high would you go

A few weeks ago I asked ‘how high CAN you go?’ which was a series of suggestions of how high imho you should go dependent on different factors. But this is a different one. It assumes that you go high already and from time to time think “hmmm could I get another inch – or so!” If the options were available that looked cool, how high WOULD you go if you knew that it was no more detectable than wearing boots that are already the higher elevators. Specially if you are already up there with the 4″ or 5″ styles, and it was working for you.

elevated shoes

Ask any guy and for sure he would want to be as tall as he possibly can be. In fact when guys write to me for advice, they often ask “do you ever think that 6” (15cm) elevators will be made?” The things that have always guided me are based on the need to avoid detection. And from a technology point of view there is of course a limit on how high in the future we can actually go. But for me, I would LOVE to get hold of good quality boots with a 6” elevator.

Once you have followed the basic rules and realised that detection is minimised to almost zero, you DO start to think – I wonder if we could get from the 5” max I wear all the time to 6”?! How much further will those that make elevators be able to take us without it looking obvious? Because there is one thing that is certain – once you have added inches and made it work, you are kinda hooked. And you then think – “hmmm, I could add another inch…maybe more!”. At first you try this by adding a lift in your elevators. And then you know you can get away with a higher pair. This of course creates a kind of almost philosophical question. How high in fact could you go (or want to) given all the things I have mentioned in the past related to lifestyle and existing height. Most of this is answered for you – unless you decide to wear those classic massive Goth boots, you will never be able to add 9 inches of height!

At its highest end already, there are plenty of 5″ elevators in the GuidoMaggi range, over 25 different styles in varying colours and finishes. The main difference between them and the 4″ styles being a slightly thicker sole but no more so than classic stuff like Doc martens, Timberlands or Redwings, specially the logger boot types etc) and a host of other boot styles. They are all boot styles of course. There are still no real sneakers/trainers or dress shoes with 5” elevator.

So it begs the question, how much higher can it be taken that the 5”. Until now, 5″ has really been the limit in terms of that careful balance between aesthetics and what can be physically achieved in a boot by the maker to add our desired height. That is certainly how I have always seen it, as a non professional and just a wearer. Having for a couple of years now worn 4″ and 5′ boots regularly, I have wondered for some time if a 6″ boot is possible. Yes of course it will have to be a boot, yes it will need the solid sole of the 5″. But provided it is no more than that, to me it has always seemed, well, possible. And very desirable.

And I think if it WERE to be available and look really straightforward as a boot, then it could be very popular. For me, I have always found very very little difference between walking in my 4” boots and the 5” ones. The key here would be the sole – as long as it was the similar thickness to the 5” and no more, then that for me is the key to both walkability AND detection. I think that many many guys would go for it, specially those who have already graduated right up to the top of the height range and find it no restriction on their lifestyles.