Horoscope 2022: the most fabulous GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for every zodiac sign

Here are the elevator shoes for every sign of air, water, earth, and fire for a truly exclusive new year. Wear the GM masterpiece that best suits your zodiac inclinations for a new year in style.

Each sign has its own characteristics and qualities, from Aries to Libra, from Cancer to Capricorn. Each one can be adapted to the best elevator shoes of the new GuidoMaggi collection to be cool and in line with your zodiacal inclinations. All born under a star that guides us, we follow in its wake and share its inclinations. Water, air, earth and fire: each sign has its own peculiarities, affecting our style decisions. Each zodiac sign has its ideal elevator shoe by GuidoMaggi, and here are the tips for a trendy 2022 under the best auspices of your stars.

Aries. The strong sign of a true leader, who’s confident and knows what he wants even when it comes to style. A sign with a strong character, which likes and loves to please others. For this reason, the ideal choice for him is FONTVIEILLE, an elegant and precious elevator shoe from the new GuidoMaggi collection. A precious wholecut, with upper in black full-grain vegetable-tanned leather and leather sole with non-slip rubber, stitched on sight. The use of a single piece of leather and the stitching of the sole made with the increne method make it a classic elevator shoe, indispensable for great events and great men, available with an invisible 6cm lifting system.


Taurus. The Taurus man loves to follow the latest fashion trends without neglecting his character. This is an earth sign, pragmatic and stubborn, typical of a man who wants to be cool without giving up comfort. Practical but also passionate, for the Taurus man, the ideal choice is NEW MAN, an elevator model inspired by vintage style. A boot with an upper in brown calfskin with a unique retro effect and an aged-tone sole in super-light rubber. The New Man model by GuidoMaggi is available with an invisible elevator system from 2.4 inch (6 cm) up to 4 inch (10 cm). The refined design and fine leather make New Man an elevator boot suitable for both casual and glamorous outfits, increasing your height between 6 and 10 cm.


Gemini. Here’s a sign with a double personality: the Gemini man knows how to be strong but does not hide his frailties. He needs confirmation and to increase his self-esteem because he deserves it. To do this, he wears elevator shoes that exhibit his personality and make him feel truly special. This can only happen by wearing an exclusive model like DUQUE: a double buckle with leather sole from the new GuidoMaggi collection. DUQUE has two distinctive tones like a Gemini: the brushed burgundy contrasts with the grey calfskin dyed with water. A unique mix that gives elegance and exclusivity to a model made by hand and tailored by master craftsmen. Duque is very comfortable and adds up to 3.1 inches (8 cm) to your height. British style, revisited, perfect on any elegant outfit.


Cancer. A sign that loves the classic style, and the elegance ensured by the best tradition with a touch of personality. Cancer men need elevator shoes that support them and are comfortable, always trendy, but with a touch of class they always need. BELMONDO is the right elevator shoe for them. Precious and classy, ​​BELMONDO is an elevator loafer suitable for casual-chic outfits, made of fine full-grain vegetable-tanned leather with a particular brown nuance and a tone-on-tone sole in genuine hand-stitched leather. The silver clamp is in a metal alloy. The Belmondo model is available with an invisible 2.6 inch (6.5 cm) elevator system. Handmade in Italy.


Leo. The king of the savannah is brave and bold, approaching life with confidence, which is why the Leo man needs elevator shoes that enhance his strength. The most suitable for metropolitan challenges are the AFLOU: chunky sneakers with an innovative and contemporary design. For the man who loves adventure, dynamic and consistently winning in life, Aflou adds a sophisticated appeal for a genuinely gritty but always regal look. Made of black rubberized calfskin, breathable perforated fabric and details in suede and calfskin of a particular yellow colour, these shoes can increase your height up to 4.3 inch (11 cm). Handmade in Italy.


Virgo. The Virgo man has his feet on the ground and is introverted: discreet, usually shy, but always showing an innate class. He loves exclusivity and always stands out for his refinement. For this reason, his ideal elevator shoe is TOLOSA, an elegant French shoe with the upper in genuine python leather. It is a refined model designed for special occasions and enhanced by a natural semi-shiny effect that makes it even more exclusive. The new GuidoMaggi elevator shoe offers up to 3.1 inches (8 centimetres) of extra height in total comfort and discretion. The sole is in 100% Italian leather. Handmade in Italy.


Libra. The Libra man loves being surrounded by elegance and harmony. His style and temperament are typical of a man from a different era: he loves the classic and the tradition, reinterpreted in a modern key. For this true gentleman, there is BALTIC and his precious craftsmanship. Sensual lines and fine leather, shaped by the skilled craftsmen of the Lecce maison to create a masterpiece of style, perfect for more formal occasions. Warm shades of brown, in brushed calfskin with an attractive shiny effect, It has a lifting system that increases height up to 4.3 inch (11 centimetres), in total comfort and discretion. Handmade in Italy.


Scorpio. A real tough guy! A man who knows how to impose himself on every occasion and dictates the rules of style. A Scorpio is always the star, self-confident and with a strong character, who does not like banality and wears shoes that can tell his story. A Scorpio chooses only the best, such as MOA, a classic lace-up shoe with an upper in a black cordovan shell that stands out for its ability to give a unique and unmistakable style. The “genuine” shell cordovan is the result of the careful processing of the horse breech, the rarest and most noble part of the horse. The sole is sewn with the fine Goodyear construction. A model made strictly by hand and tailored, created for the classy man, can increase the height between 2.4 (6 cm) and 3.1 inch (8 cm).


Sagittarius. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to take care of themselves and have a healthy life: they are casual, always comfortable, and never give up on innate elegance. A mix that can be found in BISKRA, the precious chic casual shoe. The chunky sneakers revisited in a contemporary key has the upper in a dark python-effect patent leather, with an iridescent colour base in shades of aubergine: a refined chromatic choice that makes it perfect even on elegant outfits and not just for casual-chic looks. It adds up to 4.3 inch (11 centimetres) of extra height in total comfort and discretion. Handmade in Italy.


Capricorn. A typical earth sign, the Capricorn man is all in one piece, pragmatic and strong-willed. He wants the best and, even though he seems shy at times, he loves to be admired by others. He is a businessman looking for a shoe that can enhance his character with an unmistakable style and a refined allure. The ideal is LA CONDAMINE, a single monk strap featuring the fine Goodyear workmanship. The upper is in full-grain leather with a particular pastel green colour, with soft and clean lines. A classy, ​​contemporary and sophisticated elevator model that offers up to 3.1 inches (8 centimetres) of extra height, in total comfort and discretion. Handmade in Italy.


Aquarius. A dreamy sign, the Aquarius man is romantic and highly creative. He is an artist who fascinates with his versatile and sensual nature. He gets excited and wants to convey emotions also through his style choices. For him, the persuasive CRETE elevator beatles boots by GuidoMaggi are a perfect choice. The upper is in hand-crafted leather with an innovative two-tone colour: the front in black, while the back and toe in buffed grey. The elevator shoe is further embellished with an elegant dovetail and flower toe. With silk elastic panels, CRETE adds up to 4 inch (10 centimetres) of extra height. An exclusive model capable of enhancing the casual-chic outfits of the season. 100% made in Italy.


Pisces. The Pisces man is famous for his sensitivity, the innate empathy that makes him irresistibly attractive. A reassuring man with solid emotional foundations, who loves tradition and the best of the classic also in terms of style, but does not disdain innovations. This is why he cannot help but fall in love with SIERRA, a 2.6 inch (6.5 cm) elevator loafer in brown suede calfskin and elegant golden clamp, the hand-stitched sole is in genuine leather. The design has been revisited in a contemporary silhouette that makes it unique and exclusive, soft and enveloping.