Emanuele Briganti Meets the King of Fashion, Giorgio Armani

Historic meeting in Milan between Emanuele Briganti, the CEO of GuidoMaggi, and the “King” of the catwalks, the most loved and appreciated stylist in the world, Giorgio Armani. During the meeting, many topics were covered including Armani’s love for elevator shoes and the future of the real “Made in Italy”!

“It was an honor for me to meet and talk to Giorgio Armani. The honor turned into joy after learning that he always wears height increasing shoes ” stated the GuidoMaggi’s CEO, Emanuele Briganti, on the sidelines of the meeting he had with the “King” of the catwalks and the most famous and appreciated Italian stylist in the world, Giorgio Armani, in Milan.

“The meeting – continued the young Salento manager- was held in Via Borgonuovo- the historic headquarters of the Maison”. The two managers discussed many topics starting with the use of elevator footwear by Giorgio Armani, whose height is 172 centimeters, up to the future of Italian-made companies.

“An extremely interesting and pleasant meeting. The friend Giorgio- continued Briganti – congratulated the company that I have the pleasure of directing – because it is one of the few companies in Italy that are able to manufacture elevator shoes, exotic leather jackets and bespoke accessories, handmade and made to measure”. Nowadays, Italian companies are far from the quality standards of the past: the standardization of products has now blurred the real ‘Made in Italy’.  And, it is precisely on this point that Giorgio Amani and Emanuele Briganti have mostly focused. Unlike many other Italian Brands, Briganti takes pride in the evolution of his centennial company, in which the entire process and tailoring have remained the same as in the past.

Emanuele Briganti is, in fact, personally involved in the choice of leather and materials that are used for the making of shoes and accessories as well as their packaging. “A challenge that has now become very difficult – the CEO commented precisely on this point-  as it is difficult to find suppliers that have vegetable-tanned leather, metal-free materials, that we want both for our customers and ourselves. The market for the supplying of raw materials has changed and that is why I am very committed to searching and finding those suppliers, which enable us to meet the needs of our customers, therefore our company’. This aspect is the one that interested and impressed Armani more than any other, due to the use of regenerated leathers and with it, saving water in production processes”.

“It was an honor and a privilege for me – Briganti commented – to receive the praise from a living myth like Giorgio Armani. I have always loved his creativity, his elegant and never over the top style, the revolutionary flair with which he introduced the unstructured jacket to the world, making it be worn by Richard Gere in American Gigolo. His compliments have filled me and my collaborators with joy and pride, and they push me to continue on the path of high-quality craftsmanship, the “beautiful and well-done things” that started 100 years ago with my great-grandfather Guido Maggi.”