Men’s Fashion: the Return of Tailoring

Tailoring is becoming more and more trendy. Refined, tailor-made pieces are the inspiration behind all GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, designed and handcrafted in Italy

Over the last couple of years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for tailored menswear, particularly suits, showing that men today are preferring to opt for a more sophisticated look than in many previous years. Quality craftsmanship and a custom fit are important to this look. Add to this the types of men’s fashion being seen on the runways of Paris and Milan, it’s no surprise that tailoring in the men’s department is a growing industry. What happens on the fashion runways tends to reflect what’s happening out in the real world and vice versa and last year there was a 33% increase in the demand for tailored suits compared to 2017. And according to the trend forecasts, 2019 looks to be the same.

What people are looking for is a mixture of comfort and functionality. A versatile and comfortable pair of sneakers is a wardrobe must-have, as long as they are stylish, like the selection of height increasing shoes from GuidoMaggi. These Italian elevator shoes are all handcrafted shoes that make you taller without anyone knowing the hidden secret. Adding a true touch of tailoring to your footwear. And while sneakers will always be on trend for a casual outfit, they may not be the best option to enhance your wardrobe full of tailored suits.

But to maintain comfort, loafers can be the perfect alternative and will elevate your tailored suits to a level of sophisticated elegance for both business meetings and Sunday brunches. The elevator shoes for men designed and handcrafted in Italy by GuidoMaggi will give you the perfect accessories for your tailored wardrobe. For every man’s tailored suit, he should have a pair of tailored shoes. And whether it’s for formal or casual occasions, a handcrafted pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes can transform any outfit, adding a unique touch of luxury and quality that can only come from Italy.

Tailoring doesn’t have to be formal. With the height increasing shoes from GuidoMaggi, you can bring a touch of tailoring to any outfit, choosing sandals, sneakers, loafers and boots; all custom made with the finest leathers and handcrafted by skilled Italian artisans.