Emanuele Briganti at the Milan Polytechnic: GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are the embodiment of the authentic made in Italy

Interviewed by the Milan-based University, the young CEO of the Lecce maison explained the reasons behind the brand’s success: a lot of work, high quality and talent. The shoes with a GM lift are the best of Italian style.

GuidoMaggi is a famous brand worldwide: an example of the best of Made in Italy, made of passion, talent and customer care. The Milan Polytechnic interviewed the CEO of the brand, Emanuele Briganti, to discover the secrets behind their international success. The GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are masterpieces of high craftsmanship worn by politicians and stars. A flagship of the Italian economy, a luxury made of tradition and innovation.

Briganti, where did the decision to add a hidden height-increase system come from inside the shoes? From what needs does it arise?

In reality, it is not simply a hidden lifting system but an exclusive patent, created with a study that lasted about three years. GuidoMaggi has created a unique product capable of allowing a luxury men’s shoe to increase the wearer’s height discreetly. It is a shoe designed to increase height but with extreme discretion and, above all, with elegance. On the contrary, our Asian competitors are cheaper and of poor quality. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes arise from the need of many men to appear taller without sacrificing the style and allure of the authentic Made in Italy. This is the true core of GuidoMaggi: what has determined our international success among customers of the star system and men of power who recognize and promote the added value of our elevator shoes. Innovation is the unseen upside.

Does hiding the lifting system in the shoe come from an aesthetic decision or a choice dictated by society? Does the man who buys an elevator shoe want to hide it?

It is not a choice dictated by society. There is nothing wrong with deciding to love yourself and choosing to look better. The GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are handcrafted masterpieces designed for the wearer, cared for and made according to the customer’s wishes. They are luxury shoes capable of increasing height and self-esteem and making the wearer feel better, more charming and chic. Women have been wearing heels for decades to slim their silhouette; today, it is not surprising that men want to do it too.

How did a niche brand become an ambassador of Made in Italy globally, especially in the Asian market?

Nothing happens by chance, and nothing is left to chance when it comes to GuidoMaggi. The fortune of the brand is built; it does not occur by fortuitous events. Our success resulted from hard work for over ten years and involved a cutting-edge research and development team. The brand is animated by talent and love for what’s been done so far: from the artisans, undisputed masters who take care of every detail, always practical and efficient, to the customer service; virtuous teamwork determined the success of the GuidoMaggi brand.

What dynamics led to the opening of an e-commerce store, given the company’s specific product?

E-commerce proved to be a winning choice for us. It is a sales method that allows the customer to choose anonymity. This way, he is not forced to expose himself in a physical store. It is a way to guarantee the privacy of those who buy our elevator shoes. The GuidoMaggi e-commerce offers all the advantages of an exclusive showroom: those who enter have the opportunity to tailor their elevator shoes, decide between fine leathers, special finishes, captivating shades. Each product is unique, made exclusively for those who request it.

To what extent does the customer participate in the creative process? What does the possibility of collaborating in creating a shoe with the customer mean for the brand?

The client, if he wants, can actively participate in the creative process. This is a prerogative of GuidoMaggi: to create elevator shoes that tell a different story every time. Those who wish can customize the elevator shoes and make them become unique pieces. In this way, we can create a family relationship with our customers because we can transform their wishes into reality. Only in this way is the customer encouraged to come back and choose GuidoMaggi every time: he becomes loyal, which is both the strength of the company and our primary goal.

Who are the customers that the brand intercepts most frequently?

It is not the brand that intercepts its customers, but its customers are looking for GuidoMaggi, attracted by the fame that precedes us. They are customers of all kinds: from New York businessmen to students to celebrities from all industries, entertainment, music and politics. They are all those men who love themselves and want to look good and be happy. GuidoMaggi does just that: it offers well-being thanks to its exclusive elevator shoes, elegance and a comfortable and discreet lift system. A luxury product for those who want to invest in themselves.

What are the reasons that lead to opening a showroom in one country rather than another?

Showrooms have been opened in key cities for us: Lecce, the family business headquarters, Milan, Tokyo and Zurich. New stores will soon be opened in the United States, given the success of the GuidoMaggi brand in the country. In particular, we will be present in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

How is the research on materials carried out? Where do they come from?

All the materials are 100% Italian because we are ambassadors of the made in Italy quality. From the upper’s leather to the pin, to the sole’s leather, to the lining, everything is made in Italy; we do not buy anything abroad. We firmly believe in the superior quality of Italian products compared to foreign ones. They have excellent quality and standard of production and a value that is unmatched in the world.

Does the GM lift have only an aesthetic function or also a medical one?

Even though GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are essentially a luxury aesthetic product, we have solved hundreds of dysmetria or heel inflammation cases. For this reason, even if they are not specifically sanitary products, GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are also recommended by world-renowned orthopedists. Our lifting system is unique and innovative and competes with historical brands in the healthcare sector.