Dress Your Groomsmen in Sleek GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes for the Big Day

With wedding season here at last, there’s no better time to get your fashion game in check. If you happen to be planning a wedding, or are participating in one, you may be curious about the latest trends in wedding party attire. GuidoMaggi elevator footwear can help. Here are a few tips to keep your groomsmen looking handsome as can be when the big day comes.

Skip the Rentals

Groomsmen running to the tuxedo shop at the last minute to pick up their rentals is not uncommon, but who really needs that stress on such a big day? While rented tuxedos were the norm once upon a time, these days, groomsmen are looking to their own closets to get them ready for the big day. Have your groomsmen purchase their own suits or tuxedos in lieu of renting. A solid suit doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. Not only will they have a great memento of the big day, but they’ll be much more comfortable throughout the day and night.

Avoid Colored Shirts

Colored shirts are a good idea in theory, but they may not look as good in photos as you want them to. When deciding on attire for your groomsmen, keep shirts plain and simple, then use accessories to jazz things up. A luxe tie or boutonniere in a striking shade makes much more of an impact than a blue or green shirt underneath a suit. When it comes to luxurious weddings, less is often more!

Think Outside the Box

Don’t conform to outdated rules about wedding parties. Pave your own way! Long gone are the days of groomsmen in matching tuxedos. Mix things up by letting them choose cuts, colors and styles that best reflect their personalities. Authenticity is always in style. Let your groomsmens’ true selves shine through.

Focus on Footwear

Don’t ever underestimate the power of footwear to elevate a groomsman’s look. GuidoMaggi carries a wide selection of luxurious elevator shoes and height increasing dress shoes for men. Choose from exquisite handpainted styles, to tried and true classics, each capable of increasing height by as much as five inches. There are no limits to the style you can achieve when GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are in the picture.