Tod’s, Hogan and the Elevator Shoes

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A true innovator in the fashion realm, Filippo Della Valle began his craft in a basement during the late 1920s. Over time, the small, family-owned shoe company grew into an international brand, driven by Fillipo’s grandson, Diego Della Valle. Expanding to American department stores during the 1970s, Diego leveraged the success of the family business to establish Tod’s, which remains one of the most notable names in shoes today. With this, beloved labels like Hogan and Hogan Interactive were born, paving the way for today’s unique array of high-quality, Italian-crafted elevator shoes.

Founded in 1986, Hogan’s has remained a trust source for shoes for decades. Their brand of casual luxury has garnered a worldwide fan base due to a distinct aesthetic that speaks to those in search of contemporary footwear of enduring quality.

The overwhelming demand for height-elevating shoes resulted in the creation of Hogan Interactive, which offered casual elevator shoes capable of adding instant height. Word of Hogan Interactive spread, thus commanding its own fan base of clients seeking added height and comfort.

While Hogan Interactive shoes added height to many a short frame throughout the years, these shoes lacked the subtlety many men and women crave with their elevator shoes. The modern man searching for sleek, sophisticated elevator shoes needed more.

Enter todays’ variety of luxury, Italian-crafted elevator shoes. Made from the finest materials, this variety of shoes revels in outstanding luxury. Sleek, sophisticated silhouettes that add height while maintaining their aesthetic make for a shoe unlike any other. From luxe loafers, to dress shoes, to casual sneakers, these height increasing shoes are high fashion personified. Clients from all over the world seek Italian-crafted luxury elevator shoes for style, comfort and reliability.

In the fashion world, comfort takes a backseat to style, in many instances. Such is not the case with today’s breed of Italian-crafted elevator shoes. Materials of the finest quality are expertly manipulated to create a range of elevated shoes that embodies everything today’s stylish man stands for. In addition to luxurious materials such as Python, Baby Alligator and South African Ostrich, Italian-crafted elevator shoes also incorporate innovative technology that adds height without sacrificing comfort or subtlety. These shoes are capable of adding instant height while still remaining some of the most stylish footwear available today.

The outstanding success of luxury brands like Tod’s has solidified the Della Valle’s name in fashion history. Filippo Della Valle innovative spirit can still be seen in many of Hogan and Hogan Interactive’s designs. Without this innovation, today’s variety of luxury elevator shoes may have never been possible. While the Della Valle family paved the way for worldwide interest in elevator shoes, others perfected it.