Sneakers, Plimsolls, Sand Shoes, Trainers – Casual Footwear That Can Elevate!

elevator sneakers, height increasing sneakers, casual tall shoes

The idea of a ‘sneaker‘, or rubber-soled canvas shoe, goes back to the end of the 19th Century. My, how things have changed! What was once a utilitarian sport shoe is now a cultural phenomenon, not just in hip-hop and rock ‘n’ roll, but in everyday wear for millions of folks who just want to be comfortable and get a bit of a lift.

That’s where the new look of sneakers comes in. In the old days, sneakers were flat, 8-9mm rubber-soled shoes with a canvas upper that were for sports and physical training. Fast forward to today, and you have full leather and composite uppers mated with technologically sophisticated insoles, raised heels, and even air bladders to ‘tweak’ the tightness of the fit, according to the activity the wearer will be engaging in.

elevator sneakers, height increasing sneakers, casual tall shoes

Certain brands have a reputation for adding some height to the wearer. They weren’t designed to be height increasing shoes, but word got around. That’s where GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes comes into the picture. CEO Emanuele Briganti wanted to offer the best possible sneakers that are designed, from the ground up, to increase height, comfort and all day wearability. Whether you want standard sneakers, high-tops, shiny leather, suede, or cutting-edge fashion, you get it with GuidoMaggi Sneakers.

Imagine what it’s like to slip into a pair of fashionable sneakers that are made to impress, and discreetly increase your height. In addition to making you stand taller, they can actually improve your posture and relieve back pain. You can’t deny that sneakers are here to stay. Even better, you can make sure that the sneakers you choose are the finest, handmade, height increasing footwear you can buy. GuidoMaggi Sneakers: simply the best choice in a crowded marketplace of casual footwear.