Roberto Cavalli: “Just” 5ft 8in

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Few designers in today’s fashion industry are as widely revered as Roberto Cavalli. The Italian designer has spent decades building a brand that speaks to the sleek, sexy and glamorous among men and women. As such, his designs never fail to elicit gasps both on the red carpet and on the streets of some of the world’s most stylish cities. While Cavalli is well versed in the art of dressing celebrities, he does just as well with his own personal style.

As one of an ever-growing industry’s most respected designers, Cavalli is constantly on the go, looking sleek, sharp and sophisticated in a number of red carpet looks. While his overall style requires little improvement, at 5’8, his height might benefit from a small boost that puts him face-to-face with the very models and celebrities he constantly dresses. Elevator shoes are a stylish, subtle way to create the illusion of height, and only a few of today’s stunning varieties contain all of the elements needed to achieve the look seamlessly.   

roberto cavalli

Elevator shoes are a simple option for men of Cavalli’s stature to add height to their appearance. Elevator shoes are capable of adding inches of height instantly. With dozens of luxe styles to choose from, a sleek, red-carpet worthy look is finally within reach.

Handmade in Italy, luxury elevator shoes are made of the finest materials to ensure optimal comfort and durability. From casual elevator sneakers, to luxurious loafers, and elevator boots in between, there is a wide range available for any stylish man looking to create an impeccable look from head-to-toe. There are even 5-inch boots for those looking for an even greater increase in height.

Stylish men like Cavalli with a desire for added height needn’t look further than elevator shoes to achieve the look they’ve always dreamed of. Elevator shoes are often made with a meticulous attention to detail to keep feet comfortable and stylish throughout any event. Choose from a selection of hand-painted elevator shoes that’s unique and luxe at once. When it comes to increasing height in unsurpassed style hand-crafted Italian elevator shoes fit the bill.