J Balvin – from Latin Pop to the World of Fashion

World pop star J Balvin, a leader in the reggaeton revolution, is also known for his style. Pairing trendy clothing and accessories with stylish footwear, this international music star knows how to rock an outfit. Follow his style with some of these shoes

Born in Medellín, Colombia, before moving to the United States as a teenager, J Balvin is regarded as one of the leaders in what music critics are referring to as the reggaeton revolution, bringing Latin pop music to the world stage. He has quickly racked up twelve number one singles in the Latin charts and has won numerous awards, including three Latin Grammy Awards. With over 50 million followers on social media and over 10 billion views on YouTube, Balvin’s most recognized songs inlcude: “Reggaeton”, “Bonita”, “Hey Ma”, “Mi Gente” and “I Like It”, among many others.

It’s not just music that J Balvin is known for. He is also known for his footwear, particularly his extensive sneaker collection and has even gone as far as to collaborate on his own line of sneakers inspired by his Vibras album. Although not being very tall, only 5 foot 7, Balvin’s sense of style and choice of clothing and footwear make him appear taller than he is.

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