Hollywood Peak: A Collection More Unique Than Ever!

Glamorous, dynamic, and contemporary, the New Hollywood Peak Sneakers collection by GuidoMaggi is more unique than ever!

Trends come and go. Some of them stick with us forever, while others are long gone and forgotten. Just like the apparel fashion, the shoe industry withstands a lot of changes, frequently, causing brands to always adjust to what’s hot at the moment.

With the summer being technically over but the temperatures not really dropping as much as we would expect, the experienced and skilled GuidoMaggi artisans faced a new challenge – to create beautiful and comfortable mid-season sneakers. The name of this new collection says it all and clearly points out how unique, remarkable and noteworthy this sneaker collection actually is.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the New Hollywood Peak Sneakers Collection, or in short, a GuidoMaggi collection you will never be able to forget.

Hollywood peak, as the new sneakers Capsule collection, embodies everything the Italian brand stands for – Comfort, sportiness, and luxury. The collection is glamorous, modern and utterly dynamic, consisting of four different models of elevator high leg sneakers named Fountain Avenue, La Brea Avenue, Melrose Avenue, and Highland Avenue. Yes, that is right, GuidoMaggi is bringing the high leg sporty shoes back, and today, they look more lavish than ever before.

Just like every other collection of the luxury Italian height-increasing shoes made by GuidoMaggi, the New Hollywood Peak Sneakers are shoes chosen by the celebrities of the star system. The high leg sneakers, slowly but surely, are becoming an increasingly famous trend all around the world and we will start seeing many adored Hollywood stars embracing such footwear within no time. As always, when it comes to the choice of designs, the GuidoMaggi brand does not leave room for mistakes for new shoe collections, which is exactly the case with this newest capsule collection.

Similar to most shoe designs of the company, the new sneakers tend to be dynamic and unique. Made with passion, the high leg sneakers of the newest collection are neatly created for every contemporary man who is not afraid to be different and dares to stand out from the crowd. This collection of elevator sneakers is dedicated exclusively to all of those who love the urban style . The new capsule collection draws on design, geometry, as  well as style from the variegated world of urban fashion. It is a collection that successfully manages to combine sportiness and luxury once again, resulting in epic comfortable and great-looking products.

Hollywood Peak is a collection of stylish creations, ones that will always remain among the most unique GuidoMaggi designs. The sneakers are a result of passion and research, attention to details and an immense amount of creativity. All of the pairs in this collection not only look great and exceptional but also have an internal elevator system that increases the height of the wearer up to 12 centimeters in absolute comfort and secrecy.