Fashion Powerhouse Marc Jacobs Turns Heads at 5’9

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A fashion powerhouse in his own right, Marc Jacobs is no stranger to style. The American designer is well versed in the art of the catwalk, sending chic models down the runway by the dozens. With more than three decades of experience in the world of fashion, Jacobs knows a thing or two about creating an ensemble that makes a statement. It may come as a surprise, though, that Jacobs’, just 5’9, is shorter than the models and endless male clients he frequently dresses. There are fashion photographs filled with images of Jacobs standing proudly, albeit shorter than his companions. If there’s one way for Jacobs to match the height of his peers, it’s by way of sleek, luxury elevator shoes.

marc jacobs elevator shoes

An eccentric dresser, Jacobs has been known to sport platforms on the red carpet. However, not all men are as comfortable wearing this style of shoe. There are other ways to achieve added height that aren’t as obvious. Elevator shoes with a hidden platform are much more suited for the modern man with a knack for style.

A shoe that combines comfort, height and impeccable style would bode well among the high-paced fashion world in which Jacobs lives. And for a man with style as varied as Jacobs, options are everything. A wardrobe containing stylish sneakers, sandals and dress shoes with hidden platform and cushioning will keep any man comfortable and stylish through every event. From summer weddings, to Paris fashion week this fall, luxury elevator shoes can withstand any occasion, especially those that require long hours standing, walking or making waves on the dance floor.

Versatility ranks high among factors when choosing luxury footwear. A pair capable of going from work to play is ideal for the man always on the go. Jacobs is only one in a long line of fashionable, modern men searching for unsurpassed style when shopping for elevator shoes. Fashion, comfort and high-quality craftsmanship combine to create a luxury shoe unlike any other, one sure to impress even one of the most fashion-forward gentlemen on the planet. Elevator shoes of this caliber are a necessity for the man wishing to make a statement either on the red carpet or the runway.