“Avant-garde fashion”: from Martin Margiela to handcrafted Elevator Shoes 

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When you imagine fashion that pushes the envelope, only a few brands may come to mind. Maison Martin Margiela has offered a range of exceptional products for years, and continues to forge an impact on the fashion world with each and every avant-garde piece. Aside from extraordinary items that stand the test of time, Maison Martin Margiela also emphasizes superb quality. GuidoMaggi is one other brand dedicated to outstanding quality and an eye for style that never wavers. This can be seen in every pair of tall shoes, and in the swagger of every man who wears them.

elevator boots

Achieving the stature you’ve always wanted is now easier than ever. Tall shoes that satisfy your needs for both impeccable style and taller height are the answer.

There’s no greater factor than comfort in the realm of elevator shoes. GuidoMaggi’s extensive line of tall shoes seeks to provide an outstanding amount of comfort intended to last. This is achieved with the help of a range of high-quality materials, from supple leathers to durable rubber. Many of the shoe’s components are made in house to ensure superior construction.

GuidoMaggi tall shoes thrive on fashion-forward design. Rare, luxurious materials like alligator skin provide an unmistakable dose of sophistication, while casual sneakers promote sleek street style. From luxe loafers, to versatile boots, there is no shortage of elegant styles to choose from within GuidoMaggi’s collection.

There are no limits to the sleek style you can achieve when you’re rockin’ a pair of elevated shoes from GuidoMaggi. There is a pair for every man within the collection, from those with a cool, casual approach to style, to those who thrive on classic sophistication. If you’re unable to find a pair that suits your exact needs, GuidoMaggi offers the option to customize your pair, ensuring the exact look and fit you’re after. Simply select from various heel, color and cut options, and GuidoMaggi’s team of designers and craftsman will get to work to create a one-of-a-kind pair of footwear you’ll cherish for years. All of these factors combined have helped GuidoMaggi earn its reputation as the very best height increasing shoes for men.