Elevator Sneakers

It's an open secret that some popular name-brand sneakers offer you a bit of lift to your height. Here, at last, you can find superior sneakers with as much lift as you can handle!

GuidoMaggi sneakers have the same quality and style as their other shoes, along with whatever addition to your height you want: height increase 2.75inches(7cm), 3.1inches(8cm) or 4 inches(10cm) by request. These are first quality shoes, made with you in mind.

These are not 'knockoff' sneakers from some anonymous factory assembly line. These are handmade, from the finest materials, by Italian craftsmen who take pride in their work. Made with full grain Italian leather or suede uppers, the lining is genuine goatskin for comfort and breathability.

Choose your color, size and amount of lift, according to your fashion needs and desired height increase. The styling is excellent, the fit is perfect and the height increase is just what you order.

GuidoMaggi Sneakers: tall shoes with a casual look and feel.

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