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Men’s Winter Fashion sees the Return of the Color Brown

For this fall/winter season the color brown will be making a huge comeback. It’s everywhere this year, so now’s the time to pair your most stylish outfits with some of the trendiest brown elevator shoes for a chic look that will take you right through the season…


If there’s one color you will need to have in your wardrobe this fall winter season, it’s most definitely brown. Brown has certainly made a comeback for this 2018-2019 season and it can be seen in both clothing and footwear, and for both men and women. So if there’s one color that you should be wearing this season it’s brown. And as for shades of brown, it really doesn’t matter. Beige, camel, chestnut, dark brown - they are all on trend. That’s part of the beauty of it. No matter what shade of brown you’re wearing, you can’t really go wrong.


Ferragamo and GuidoMaggi: Dark Brown Suit and Brown Shoes


On the fall winter 2018 runways Salvatore Ferragamo highlighted the brown color trend. Combining shades of brown and using luxury fabrics such as leathers, silks, wool and shearling to create a stylish collection for the modern man. A dark brown suit can be amplified by brown leather shoe, such as the Providence model by GuidoMaggi. This luxury dress style features a soft calf leather, hand buffered upper and buckle detailing. The handcrafted Providence elevator shoes can be paired with a range of other shades of brown and can add an extra 3.1 inches discreetly to your height. They will look equally chic with a brown leather jacket.


Mattiussi and GuidoMaggi: Casual Chic Camel and Brown Sneakers


Alexandre Mattiussi is also embracing the brown trend for the fall winter collection. Keeping the looks casual chic with camel shades, brown tartans and checks, these styles can be paired with sneakers for a weekend look. The New Hampshire elevator sneaker can be ideal for wearing with the range of brown colored outfit options. Mix and match your brown shades or pair with some sleek brown sneakers such as the Hartford, for a trendy look that can keep you comfortable and increase your height.


Prada and GuidoMaggi: Gray Meets Brown


Even for an iconic Italian fashion house like Prada, brown is making a comeback. Combinations of browns, whites, grays and blacks can be seen on the fall 2018 runways, creating more options for wearing the color brown this season. To stay on trend with influence from Prada, try pairing your brown suit with a sleek pair of gray shoes, like the Persian Gulf model from GuidoMaggi. These luxury height increasing shoes are made from fine crocodile leather and feature a brown leather sole that will enhance your brown suit. Boosting your height by 2.6 inches they will also increase your confidence.

Elevator Sneakers: A Fall Staple

People’s love for sneakers shows no sign of slowing down. Whether they’re high tops, low tops, leather or fabric, for Fall/Winter 2018/2019 elevator sneakers are the perfect fashion accessory to boost height and confidence as well as keep you feeling comfortable and looking stylishly cool…

No matter what season it is, there is always a place for sneakers. Whether they’re in block colors, patterned or multi-colored, this Fall season is all about the sneaker. Sneakers are perfect no matter what the weather and they can give you that added comfort for a youthful, casual style. As we’ve seen on the runways of some of world’s luxury designers, sneakers can even add a stylish touch to a more formal outfit, as well as be the perfect accessory for this season’s luxury sportswear look. This makes them a staple for any man’s wardrobe at any time of the year. With the luxury brands now hot on the heels of the traditional sportswear brands, the focus on making sportswear stylish and chic has become even more important over the last few years. But where the luxury brands differ, featuring customizable designs, innovative technology and the finest quality materials, they are able to edge into the lead over these sportswear brands. The luxury brands are also able to offer something else; a handcrafted product. And in the case of GuidoMaggi, a stylish product entirely handcrafted in Italy using the highest quality fabrics.

The innovative designs seen at GuidoMaggi can also offer a unique advantage; the ability to increase height, even by as much as 6 inches. This can boost confidence and self esteem as a result of a well designed elevator system that is entirely hidden from view within the shoe. So for men who have always dreamed of being a few inches taller, there is now a solution where comfort, style and luxury is not sacrificed. This way you can stay on top of the trends for this Fall and Winter with elevator sneakers in a range of luxury leathers, from suede and calfskin to Hermes crocodile skin and even ostrich. There are collections and models for all the trends of the season, including the 80s and 90s, so you can stay on trend and comfortable right through Fall and Winter. But with the added touch of elegance and luxury that comes from a pair of handcrafted GuidoMaggi sneakers that are made in Italy by skilled artisans.

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Fashion Week 2018: Milan Comes Alive with Style

Milan Fashion Week is one of the highlights in the global fashion calendar with Italian designers showing off their best creations for the following season. And it is a time when Via Fiori Chiari, home to the GuidoMaggi showroom, in Milan’s Brera district comes alive...

Fashion Week 2018 kicked off in Milan on Wednesday 19th of September. This is a chance for designers to launch their much anticipated collections for the upcoming Spring and Summer 2019. This year’s show will run until Tuesday 25th of September and is one of the most famous fashion shows in the world, where Italy’s most celebrated designers show off their artistic talents to the rest of the fashion world.

Unsurprisingly, one of the hottest tickets during the 2018 Milan Fashion Week was the runway show of renowned Italian designer, Giorgio Armani. This year it was held on September 20th on the runway of Milan’s Linate Airport, with planes landing in the background. The hotly anticipated show featured plenty of fabrics and bold colors to take you through spring and summer 2019. It was concluded with a performance by British pop star Robbie Williams.

Milan has long been known for its high end fashion and the city has become synonymous with fashion design. Indeed it is the only major fashion hub in the world that can create an entire product from beginning to end, including fabric production, design conception and manufacturing. In fact, the Brera district in the city is rightfully known as the design and artistic district. And the Via Fiori Chiari, home to the flagship store and showroom of GuidoMaggi, is right in the heart of it all, immersed in the fashionable district and surrounded by some of the world’s best known designer boutiques in neighboring streets. The concept of handcrafting luxury footwear in Italy goes hand in hand with the Milan’s fashionable reputation. GuidoMaggi added the hidden elevator system to create a unique product while keeping the luxuriousness of Italian fabrics and craftsmanship, so a man can gain those extra few inches to improve his confidence and stature without sacrificing style or quality.

Milan provides the perfect backdrop for Fashion Week 2018 when some of the biggest names in fashion showcase their stunning new collections on an international stage to a worldwide audience. With collections from Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Moschino and so many more, the eyes of the fashion world will once again be on Milan.


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Milan Hosts the 86th MICAM Showcasing the World’s Best Footwear

Milan has been the stage for the 86th edition of the MICAM fair, held at the Fiera Milano Rho between September 16th and September 19th to exhibit some of the world’s best footwear. And Emanuele Briganti from GuidoMaggi was there to highlight the brand’s collections...

The 86th edition of MICAM launched at Milan’s Fiera Milano Rho on September 16th 2018. This international trade fair is a chance for those in the footwear industry to showcase their designs and collections to a global audience. With as many as 1,400 exhibitors, including up to 800 Italian exhibitors, it’s a chance for designers and shoe manufacturers to show their best collections and the quality craftsmanship that comes from footwear that has been made in Italy. With more than half of the annual attendance being from foreign markets, the MICAM fair is the ideal platform to display the best of Italian design to a truly global market. There are various sections within the exhibition, from kidswear and activewear to luxury and cosmopolitan, and some of the world’s best known brands are also in attendance, including Cerruti 1881, Fratelli Rossetti and Moreschi. The MICAM is also dedicated to highlighting Emerging Designers, giving a platform to showcase the up and coming talent in the footwear industry.

light of the event is the Broadway musical, Kinky Boots, that has been making its Milan debut at the MICAM fair before its main launch in the city this winter. The musical tells the story of a shoe manufacturer who reinvents his footwear to create a new collection to launch his business, with his dream of showcasing his designs at the footwear exhibition in Milan. Emanuele Briganti of GuidoMaggi has a similar story, with his reinvention of footwear for men to create an invisible heel without sacrificing comfort, luxury or style. The elevator shoes are able to increase height by up to 6 inches and are entirely handcrafted in Italy using the finest quality leathers and fabrics to create a luxury product. 

The world knows about the significance of Italian craftsmanship and the history of shoemaking in the country and the MICAM is the perfect event at which to showcase this industry on a global scale. This twice annual trade fair is a chance for designers and manufacturers to show off their best collections to international buyers and industry professionals. And it’s a chance for everyone to see the quality and luxury from the brands that are made in Italy.









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Men’s Fall Fashion: Elevator Shoes to Stay on Trend This Season

This year’s fall fashion is all about seeing a return to the bomber jacket and leather jacket. So here’s how to channel the styles of fall/winter 2018-2019 with this season’s hottest elevator shoes...

The long, hot days of summer are finally coming to an end and that means it’s time to pack away your sandals and shorts and prepare for the colder months ahead. Fall 2018 is seeing the trends of the 80s continue, particularly with the return of the bomber jacket. With its military origins, the bomber jacket has become a fashion staple for this season. And one way to style this fashion must-have is by pairing it with some slim fit jeans and some mid-top elevator sneakers, such as the Fairview. Featuring three different blue leathers with hand woven side detailing, these luxury elevator shoes can increase your height by up to 2.75 inches and can give you that added design element to complement your overall sleek, casual look.

Leather Jackets are Back

The 80s were all about the leather jacket. Everyone was wearing them, from bikers  and rock stars to Hollywood actors. And for fall winter 2018/2019 the leather jacket is back. There are many ways to style this season’s leather outerwear, depending on the look you’re going for. But for the cooler autumnal weather, the best type of footwear to pair with a leather jacket will be boots, and elevator boots can give you that added height increase too, so you can step out taller and more confident. The main colors for this trend will be black and various shades of red.

A sophisticated way to style the season’s leather jacket is with the Tucson. These stunning elevator Chelsea boots are handcrafted in burgundy calfskin leather with a luxury leather hand stitched sole. With a hidden elevator system, these boots will increase your height by up to 3.1 inches and will add a sleek touch to the fall winter trends. The classic Chelsea design means you can wear them with a range of different trends through fall and winter and the rich burgundy color will make sure you stay on trend throughout the season.

Whether you opt for the bomber jacket or the leather jacket, the ideal way to style either of these fall winter fashion trends is with a pair of height increasing shoes or boots that can give you the added confidence, as well as style and comfort, to get you through the cold weather.

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Hollywood Stars Step Out in Style at the 2018 Venice Film Festival

The 75th Venice Film Festival kicked off this week and saw the arrival of some of the hottest stars of the silver screen. Fashion will be just as important as film at this international festival in one of Italy’s most stylish cities. And one way to add style to a red carpet look is with luxury elevator shoes.

Wednesday 29th August saw the start of the 75th Venice Film Festival, which will run until the closing ceremony on September 8th. The 2018 festival is being held on the Lido di Venezia and will see several films being screened to an international audience. One of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year, First Man, made its worldwide debut on Wednesday 29th at the Palazzo del Cinema. The film, starring Ryan Gosling, Jason Clarke and Claire Foy, tells the story of Neil Armstrong and NASA’s mission to be the first to send a man to the moon. First Man is directed by Damien Chazelle, director of La La Land and Whiplash.

Another movie that is making headlines this year is A Star is Born, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, which is set to make its debut at the Palazzo del Cinema on the 31st of August. The movie is directed by Bradley Cooper and will be his directorial debut. Cooper has also co-written the film, which tells the story of an experienced musician who discovers a struggling singer and musician whom he then falls in love with. The movie follows the ups and downs of their relationship and features original songs written and performed by Lady Gaga.

Fashion and Elevator Shoes

Just as with any film festival, it’s not just about the films that are being screened. Fashion plays a huge role in these international events, as it’s a time for designers to show off their best creations by dressing some of the world’s most famous stars.

One way to bring even more style to the red carpet is through the choice of footwear. Style and comfort is important when taking those first steps on the red carpet. But for men who are walking alongside their female co-stars in heels, there can be a bit of height issue. So for men who want to increase their height as well as improve their style, GuidoMaggi can offer the perfect solution: luxury handcrafted Italian elevator shoes to suit even the most prestigious events, including the Venice Film Festival.

For a look to rival Ryan Gosling’s First Man premiere style, the Orvieto is a classic black patent leather elevator shoe that will increase your height by up to 3.1 inches. This luxury handcrafted Italian dress shoe will keep you looking sleek and on trend with black tuxedo pants, a white shirt and white tuxedo jacket.

Elevator Boots Even in the Summer

Boots are not just for the colder months. They can be ideal for adding a little edge to your style even in the summer. And with the slick elevator styles from GuidoMaggi you can stay comfortable, look cool and be taller in summer and all year long...

Boots have a reputation for being winter wear. When the cooler temperatures arrive in the fall, it’s usually time to bring out your boots and wrap up warm. But boots don’t have to be only for the fall and winter. They can be ideal for summer too. You just have to make sure you choose the right styles that will give you that fresh summer look that you’re after. One thing you will need to keep in mind, though, is to style the boots for warm weather. It is still summer after all. So you don’t want to be adding any warm layers or winter colors.

Summer Boots

With the collection of elevator boots from GuidoMaggi, there are many styles that can be ideal for summer. The luxury Asheville elevator boots can be perfect for a summer wardrobe. These handcrafted boots feature a beautiful white suede leather upper with a bright white rubber sole. They feature laces and a desert boot design for a modern twist on this 90s trend. Their white color gives them a fresh, summer feel and the hidden elevator system means they can increase your height from 2.4 inches up to a huge 4 inches. So you can stroll through summer confidently and stay on trend. You could even wear these boots with some denim cut off shorts.

If you’d prefer more of a combination of smart and casual, then the Detroit model could be ideal. These are handcrafted Italian elevator boots that will look just as cool with some smart, slim leg chinos or white or gray denims, as they will with some casual blue or black denims or even shorts. They feature a black calfskin leather upper that has a vintage effect because of the hand polishing techniques used. They can be the perfect elevator boots for giving your summer wardrobe a bit of a rockstar edge. They can also increase your height by up to 4 inches, giving you that added confidence to rock right through summer, fall and into winter.

Whatever boots you choose, they can be a great alternative to summer shoes and sandals. With the luxury elevator boots from GuidoMaggi, you can make sure you’re comfortable, confident and taller, as well as being elegant with Italian style.

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This Year’s Trends for Sneakers and the Return of the 90s

The trend for sneakers this year is seeing a return to the trends of the 90s. But even with this comeback style, there are still modern twists with new technology. And GuidoMaggi elevator sneakers are the ideal blend of technology and style to keep you on trend all year...

The 90s are back and the trends are hitting fashion boutiques across the world. And the styles are becoming some of the hottest looks of the year, with there being no sign of it slowing down. These trends can be seen all across the fashion world, from clothing to footwear and accessories, and even hairstyles. One industry that is pretty big on this trend is footwear. And sneakers are a huge part of it. Think about the sneakers you used to wear as a kid, or even the ones you remember your parents wearing. This year, those looks are back and at GuidoMaggi you can explore the Sneakers Capsule Collection that is filled with on trend designs and contemporary twists.

Sneakers Capsule Collection

The Italian shoemakers at GuidoMaggi have designed and developed an entire collection to deliver the hottest trend in fashion right now: 90s sneakers. But the sneakers in the collection can do more than simply keep you on trend. This stylish collection features sneakers that can increase your height by up to 3.1 inches without anyone knowing. This hidden technology can boost your confidence and designed to offer maximum comfort, as well as be practical for your casual wardrobe.

The White Sand model will update your wardrobe and add that nostalgic 90s touch to your outfit. They feature an all white design for a stylish and fresh appearance. Their hidden elevator system can increase your height from 2.4 inches up to 3.1 inches, giving you a customized fit. The White Sand elevator sneakers are designed to be extra comfortable and lightweight, with a natural rubber sole, full grain leather upper and ventilated technical fabric to allow for breathability. These can be worn with whatever 90s style you’re sporting, as they will enhance any outfit because of their white colors. But they can be easily worn with washed blue denim jeans and a T-shirt to rock a simple, classic 90s look.

The Sneakers Capsule Collection offers a range of designs to suit all tastes, including suede detailing and bright colors. These elevator sneakers combine the urban street styles of the 90s with the highest quality fabrics and craftsmanship to create a fashionable look with the bonus of the height increasing technology.

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Swimwear and Elevator Sandals to Wear at the Beach

Elevator sandals can be the perfect addition to your beach wardrobe this summer. Swimwear and elevator sandals go hand in hand when it comes to staying chic and stylish during your beach vacation...

Finding the ideal sandals for the beach can often be a struggle for men. For shorter men it can sometimes be even more difficult. But the good news is, it doesn’t need to be difficult. There are plenty of sandals out there that can add style, elegance and height to your day at the beach. Your vacation should be a chance to show off your style and personality and elevator sandals from GuidoMaggi can help you do that.


When it comes to choosing swimwear for your beach vacation, it can mostly be about personal style, for example the colors, prints and patterns that you opt for. But if you’re wanting to keep it stylish and slimming, it can be a good idea to opt for block colors. Block colors can also be easier to pair with shirts when you need to cover up for heading to the bar. Pastel tones can work well, as can the colors seen on the runways for 2018, including burgundy and sand colors. Stripes can also work well, particularly the wide stripes that are on trend right now.

When you’re choosing your swim shorts, opt for a shorter style, as this can help to elongate your legs and make you appear taller. This can be a useful trick for shorter men.

Elevator Sandals

Once you’ve got your swimwear picked out, the next thing is to choose the perfect footwear to go with them. With a pair of luxury elevator sandals from GuidoMaggi you can add a couple of extra inches to your height so that you can look taller even while on the sand. When you combine the sandals with your slimming swim shorts, you will immediately feel more self confident.

The Thailand model can be the ideal choice for the beach as it can provide comfort with the adjustable velcro straps and ergonomically designed leather insole. These handcrafted sandals can increase your height by 2 inches and feature a black, full leather upper and a lightweight rubber sole.

For a sleek look for the beach, the Forte dei Marmi model will give you that 2 inch height boost that you’ve been looking for and will keep you looking stylish even on the sand. These pool slides will look chic with a range of swimwear, as they feature a leather upper with luxury speckled effect detailing. Whether you’re strolling to the beach or the pool, elevator sandals can boost your style and your confidence.


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Sneakers Capsule Collection by GuidoMaggi: Streetwear Meets Elevator Shoes

Casual style has evolved into street style from the comfortable trends of the 80s to the fashion forward streetwear of today. And with the added technology, even elevator shoes can be some of the hottest street styles of today.­­­­..

From back in the 70s when Giorgio Armani introduced his ready to wear collections, it was only a short time until he would bring the casual chic style to the world of fashion. From the 1980s, the casual trends have evolved to become what we know today, bringing elements of the 80s and 90s up to date for a chic street look that can work with just about any style. Fashion designers across the world have embraced this new style and have reimagined it and redesigned it to create a wearable, comfortable streetwear style with luxury tailoring and fabrics to give it an elegant edge. Another way it has been reimagined is through the use of modern advancements and technology for a superior quality product. And GuidoMaggi has brought together the technological advancements to combine luxury with practicality and innovative design.

Streetwear and Fashion

These two elements go hand in hand. Today, streetwear is fashion and fashion is streetwear. And one of the most important influences in the street style of fashion is sports. Athletic clothing has seen a return to the fashion boutiques of the world. But there’s a difference from the athletic clothing for working out and the styles designed for casual wear, as there is an emphasis on luxury. Handcrafted pieces made with the highest quality materials. Another important influence in the streetwear style is of course, the street. Designers are taking their inspiration from urban life on the streets, combining the city atmosphere with comfort and practicality but with a luxury edge, particularly in footwear.

Streetwear Elevator Shoes

GuidoMaggi is the only brand to be combining a practical need with the luxury fabrics and meticulous detailing that can only come from being handcrafted in Italy. With an Italian heritage, these height increasing shoes are designed with fashion in mind but also to serve the purpose of boosting confidence and self esteem in shorter men by adding an extra few inches to their height. But at GuidoMaggi, they know that it’s not just about being taller, it’s about wearing stylish footwear to look chic and trendy wherever you go and feel comfortable. With the Sneakers Capsule Collection there are a range of the hottest street styles that can increase your height by up to 3.1 inches.

The Gateshead is a perfect example of street style, with its white full grain leather upper and its red calfskin detailing. This 80s inspired sneaker can increase height from 2.4 inches to 3.1 inches and can give you the comfort you need with the chic style you’re looking for.

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Men’s Fashion: Summer is the Season for Blue

No matter what footwear you choose, whether it’s a classic elevator shoe or a comfy sneaker, one thing that will matter is the color. And for this summer the hottest color is blue...

Blue is a color that will go with just about everything. It can be worn for both casual and formal occasions and can look chic and elegant no matter what the season. But in the summer, the color blue always seems to have a fresh look about it. Navy and ocean inspired shades are particularly popular in summer and that’s no different for summer 2018. Blue always looks great and it’s a color that suits everyone. It can add sophistication to a business suit and can give you a cool, summer look at an evening event, helping you to feel more confident.

Another thing that can make you feel more confident is your footwear. And the luxury handcrafted elevator shoes from GuidoMaggi can not only boost your confidence but they can also boost your height to give you that extra few inches that you’ve always desired. To stand out for the right reasons this summer, the Posillipo comes in one of this summer’s hottest hues. These gorgeous ocean blue Oxford height increasing shoes are handcrafted in Italy using Cordovan leather for a more luxurious feel and look. These elegant shoes are ideal for a dressy summer evening or a summer wedding. They will also increase your height discreetly up to 3.1 inches to improve your self esteem and boost your confidence for the occasion.

The great thing about the color blue is that it can be worn for any occasion. So for a casual event you can still stay on trend with the stylish Bolton sneakers. These handcrafted Italian sneakers will increase your height by 2.6 inches and will give you that casual look you’re after for long summer days. These shoes are designed with both comfort and style in mind, so they’re lightweight as well as trendy, with their soft, navy blue leather upper and lightweight white sole with built-in height increasing system.

For a sportier casual look there’s also the Bruges. These elevator sneakers can increase your height by a massive 4 inches, helping to boost confidence and keep you on trend. The dark blue suede leather upper combines with a lightweight sole to give you a comfortable shoe for everyday wear during the summer and beyond. A blue shoe in any style can add a chic touch to your outfit and can help to bring your whole summer look together. And with the luxury height increasing styles from GuidoMaggi you can enhance your overall appearance and your mood. 

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Make a Great First Impression at your Next Job Interview

A job interview can be a daunting prospect for anyone. So the best thing to do is to make a great first impression. One way to do that is by dressing well and looking your best. And with the help of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes you could be on your way to celebrating that new job...

luxury shoes

Everyone gets nervous at job interviews. Even if you’re the most qualified and experienced candidate for the position, you will still likely feel a few butterflies in your stomach. This is totally normal and it happens to everyone, regardless of the job. So how can you make yourself feel a little more comfortable when you attend your next job interview? Well, with the help of a stylish pair of elevator shoes from GuidoMaggi, you could boost your confidence and stand out in style.

A job interview is usually the first time your employer is meeting you. So a good first impression is one of the most important things. If you don’t make a good impression on the first meeting, you may not even get a look in for a second interview or be considered for the job at all. As well as being well groomed, how you dress will also be an important factor in your success.

What to Wear

One thing every man should have in his wardrobe is a navy blue suit. A navy suit can be so versatile and add a touch of elegance to any occasion. Blue is also a color associated with trust, which can go in your favor at a job interview. A well tailored navy suit will look very sophisticated and trendy with a pair of brown shoes, such as the Trieste model from GuidoMaggi. These sleek cognac leather dress shoes feature a stylish buckle and a classic design that will stand the test of time. They can also increase your height from 2.4 inches up to 3.1 inches, giving you that extra boost you need to feel confident and self assured. After all, confidence is one trait that employers will notice.

The Toledo shoe will also work very well with a navy suit and can be a fantastic way of bringing in a little of your personality to your outfit. These burgundy Tuscan leather elevator shoes will increase your height by up to 3.1 inches for a customized fit. These luxury shoes will also look elegant with a gray suit. Try to match your tie to the shoes for a look that shows you’ve made an effort. And just remember to be yourself and stay confident.

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Celebrate the World Cup with GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes

It’s the summer of sport and the final week of the World Cup is here. So, no matter what team you’re supporting, it’s time to celebrate in style with this summer’s hottest elevator shoes from GuidoMaggi

Elevator shoes

The summer may have not long begun but the sporting events have already been making headlines across the world. One of the biggest sporting events in this year’s calendar is the World Cup, which is taking place right now in Russia. This year’s event kicked off on the 14th of June and the final will be played on the 15th of July.

The World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the world. The first ever World Cup was played back in the summer of 1930 in Montevideo, Uruguay, with Mexico versus France and USA versus Belgium being the first games played - both at the same time. This year, 32 countries made the cut to qualify for the World Cup and now just four teams remain for this week’s semi finals to see who will make it through the final on Sunday 15th June. France, Belgium, England and Croatia have all made it through to the semi finals.

Party Atmosphere

Whether you’re heading to Russia to watch the games or watching it in your local bar or even at home, you can soak up the party atmosphere in style. Having the right outfit can help you celebrate, no matter what team you’re supporting. The new collection of Summer 2018 elevator shoes from GuidoMaggi includes a model dedicated to the World Cup. The Mundial is the perfect shoe for getting in the World Cup spirit. Designed with inspiration from the World Cup logo for Russia 2018, these luxury elevator shoes feature the red, white and blue from Russia’s national flag and the gold from the World Cup. The result is a stylish slip-on that can increase your height by 2.6 inches, giving you the confidence to party on into the night and support your team to the end.

One of the great things about these elevator shoes is that they are comfortable. They are handcrafted in Italy using the finest leathers and denim fabric. They can also add a chic touch to your casual outfit, whether you choose shorts or pants, t-shirt or collared shirt. The Mundial is a versatile shoe that should be a must-have for this summer’s sporting events and you can make sure you keep the World Cup fever going long after it’s over.

Celebrate the World Cup with GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Beach Vacation is in Sight but What do you Pack? Shorts, Swimwear and Elevator Shoes are Essential

Packing for a vacation can be difficult enough for some men but for a summer vacation that can be even more tricky; especially if you don’t feel quite tall enough. But not to worry, we have some of the coolest sandals and flip flops to increase your height, even on the beach…

The summer is here and that means trying to figure out what clothes and shoes you need to take on your summer vacation. This can often be a challenge, especially if you don’t feel tall enough. But just because it’s the summer and you’re heading to the beach, that shouldn’t stop you from feeling confident and being taller. We can show you some of the best handcrafted elevator sandals and sliders and help you choose some trendy shorts and swimwear to boost your style and height on the beach.

Shorts and Swimwear

Shorts and swimwear are essential items on any beach vacation, so they will be must-haves on your packing list. But how do you choose? The best shorts to choose to help increase your height are slim fitting ones. Loose fitting and oversized shorts can make you appear shorter than you are. A slim fit will lengthen your legs and slim your frame.

The same goes for swim shorts. It’s also a good idea not to have them too long. If they reach above the knee, it will show off more of your leg, giving a lengthening effect. Plain colors can be ideal choices for shorts and can easily be paired with different shirts if required. Nautical stripes can also be perfect for the beach and can be an essential color palette for summer. Stripes can also elongate the frame for a slimming effect.

Sandals and Sliders for an Extra 2 inches of Height

When you’re staying by the beach, sandals and sliders are must-haves. GuidoMaggi offers a whole range of sandals and sliders that are perfect for your beach vacation and can increase your height by 2 inches. So you can even stay tall while you’re on the sand. As well as increasing height, GuidoMaggi elevator sandals can provide you with the comfort you need when you’re on vacation. One model that will add a touch of style to your vacation wardrobe is the Scilla. This ultra stylish sandal can be ideal for both daytime and evening. Featuring cognac calfskin leather, these buckle sandals are handcrafted in Italy and can boost your height by 2 inches, while keeping you cool, comfortable and chic. The perfect sandal for your summer suitcase.

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Elevator Sandals: Increase your Height at the Beach and Pool this Summer

Increase your height even in the summer with the stylish range of elevator sandals from Guidomaggi. Keep your feet cool and add a few inches to your height without compromising on style…

Summer is here and that gives us the opportunity to change up our wardrobes in favor of lighter clothes and footwear to keep us cool and fresh in the hot summer sun. For shorter men, however, this can sometimes prove difficult. You want to maintain that extra height from your elevator shoes all year long. But even on the beach and by the pool? Well, the designers at GuidoMaggi have realized this and yes, you can increase your height with elevator sandals even when relaxing by the pool; making your summer a little taller, more stylish and giving you extra confidence no matter what your summer activities entail.

With the chic collection of elevator sandals from GuidoMaggi you can increase your height by 2 inches and maintain a comfy, relaxed style whether you’re on the beach, beside the pool, or heading out on a boat trip.

On the Runways in Florence and Milan

At both the Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence and the Men’s Fashion Week in Milan, sandals were being showcased. The casual elegance of chic sandals paired with shorts can be both comfortable and trendy. The styles from the runways hit the mark with the 90s influence in the current trends. One way to channel this look is with a pair of vintage denim shorts or cut-offs and the Italian Key Islands elevator sandals. These comfortable blue leather sandals can increase your height by 2 inches and can give you the confidence for rocking the trends right through summer and into fall. As well as elongating your legs, your feet will feel cool in these on trend handcrafted slide sandals.

Relaxing on the Beach

Whether you’re relaxing on the beach, or just chilling on vacation, having a comfortable pair of shoes can be essential. Elevator sandals can help you to stay cool in the heat and boost your height to keep your confidence levels high. To stay on track with the camouflage trend this summer, the Nosy Be elevator sandals are ideal. Featuring a camo leather upper and comfortable leather insole, these will add a touch of style to your beach attire.

If you’re planning on more adventures, the Bora Bora features velcro closure straps for extra comfort when walking, as well as boosting height by 2 inches. So you can easily feel slick wherever you go this summer.

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GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes at Milan Fashion Week 2018

This week was Milan Fashion Week for men, with the Spring Summer 2019 collections being showcased on the runways. Street style from the 80s and the importance of accessories and footwear were at the forefront of the show. Plus GuidoMaggi’s CEO, Emanuele Briganti was there to highlight Italian elevator footwear…

Direct from the Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence to the trendy streets of Milan came the world’s fashion elite, there to marvel at the Italian designers’ collections for the spring and summer season of next year. The Milan Fashion Week showcased the trends of the future for menswear and one thing that was evident was that the styles of the past are making a comeback. Trends from the 80s have been reimagined and modernized to create the hottest new looks for 2019.

Milan has been filled with celebrities and stars, all taking notes on the newest fashions for the future season, as well as enjoying the elegant events and exclusive parties. Sky Sports presenter, Diletta Leotta, was among the famous faces to appear, as well as the Italian model and actress, Monica Bellucci, and the renowned fashion blogger, Mariano di Vaio.

The Return of Street Style. And Elevator Shoes are the Stars.

Around Milan we have seen the return of past trends as they make their way in a reimagined way to our wardrobes. Street style will be just as important next year as it is this year. But next year’s collections will be seeing an 80s influence, as well as channelling the current trend of 90s styles.

One thing that will be sticking around till next summer is the sportswear inspired aesthetic. Think sneakers, logos and a general casual street feel. Many of the designers were taking other aspects into consideration when creating their pieces, such as rockstar chic and military detailing.

Keeping in line with the trendy street theme, the CEO of GuidoMaggi wore the Denim elevator sneakers with a fresh blue and white outfit for a clean, casual look. These high top sneakers are an ideal choice for adding a fresh, trendy look to any outfit. They are handcrafted in Italy using two tone denim, with ripped detailing and stylish stars printed on the fabric. As well as being light and comfortable, they can add an additional 4 inches to your height in a discreet way that only you will know it’s there. These elevator shoes are on trend right now and channel that 80s trend seen on the runways at Milan Fashion Week for Spring Summer 19, so they will keep you stylish even in the future.






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GuidoMaggi Elevator Sneakers at the Pitti Immagine Uomo 2018

It’s the 94th edition of the famous Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence, showcasing the best of Italian fashion and accessories for men with a focus on the collections for Spring Summer 2019. And GuidoMaggi was one of the brands showcasing its Italian handcrafted designs, including luxury white patent leather sneakers…

This year’s Pitti Immagine Uomo has been taking place in Florence from June 12th till June 15th, where the world’s most stylish men have been gathering to discover the new season’s menswear designs and trends. Both fashion and accessories are given pride of place at the event, which was attended by numerous VIP guests, including Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook; the Italian soccer player, Marco Borriello; British fashion designer, Craig Green; Italian MotoGP rider, Andrea Iannone, and many more.

GuidoMaggi Elevator Sneakers in Florence

One brand championing the craftsmanship and precision of Italian design is GuidoMaggi, highlighting the importance and traditions of shoemaking in Italy. And the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes were stylishly worn at the Pitti Immagine Uomo 94. One man who chose to elevate his style with GuidoMaggi was Gianluca Casamento, the director of Zhor Perfumes of Milan-Brera (not far from GuidoMaggi’s Milan showroom in Via Fiori Chiari). He opted for a modern casual look with a white Korean collared shirt, lightweight blue pants, brought together with a blue and white striped jacket. His outfit was topped off with a pair of fresh elevator sneakers, featuring white patent leather and blue crocodile leather accents - giving him an appearance that’s perfect for a hot June day. These stylish elevator sneakers also discreetly and instantly increase his height by 2.6 inches, as well as showcasing the luxury leathers and Italian handcrafted designs of Italian shoemaker, GuidoMaggi.

At the Pitti Immagine Uomo, luxury tailoring and fine fabrics were on display, highlighting Italy’s world renowned history of fashion and design. It’s the ideal event for showcasing the comfortable, elegant and on trend designs from the world of GuidoMaggi. With the ability to increase height without compromising on style and comfort, GuidoMaggi is able to deliver luxury elevator shoes using a range of the finest leathers, materials and technology, all handcrafted in Italy using traditional shoemaking techniques to ensure a product of the highest quality.

The showcasing of Italian fashion doesn’t end after the Pitti Immagine, however GuidoMaggi and the world will then be turning their attentions to one of the world’s most famous fashion events; Men’s Fashion Week 2018 in Milan, which is due to begin next week with a focus on the Spring Summer 2019 collections. And GuidoMaggi will be there to elevate trend with luxury height increasing shoes for men.





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Summer Loafers: Styles for the Season

Whether it’s the classic penny loafer or a more exotic leather variety, the loafer has long been a shoe for the summer. And summer 2018 is no different. With so many styles available, there’s an elevator loafer out there for every occasion…

Whether you want a classic tailored look or a more trendy, casual look, the iconic loafer can add just the right amount of style and elegance to any outfit. These stylish shoes should be a part of every man’s wardrobe, especially during the summer. Loafers can go with just about anything, looking sleek with a suit for the office or when heading out to a family brunch at the weekend.

With the summer 2018 collection from GuidoMaggi you can combine style and comfort with the added advantage of the elevator system. These summer loafers can increase your height and boost your self esteem, all while keeping you up to date with the latest trends.

Suede Loafers with Tassels

GuidoMaggi’s collection of luxury suede loafers are all handcrafted in Italy using the finest leathers. The Imperia is the ideal elevator shoe for the summer. This stylish elevator loafer is handcrafted in a beautiful burgundy suede calfskin leather and features Tuscan leather tassels. These comfortable shoes can increase your height by 2.6 inches and they are right on trend with one of the hottest colors of the season.

Loafers with Buckles

For a classic look with a modern twist, the Sirte could be your go-to shoe for the summer. These sleek elevator shoes will add 2.6 inches to your height, giving you the confidence to step out in style all summer long. They feature hand stitching and an elegant silver tone buckle. These height increasing shoes are handcrafted using dark brown calfskin leather and a natural brown leather sole for maximum comfort.

More formal occasions call for a more formal loafer and the Grenoble is perfect for any event this season. Whether it’s a summer wedding or a dinner party, these elevator shoes will help to add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Increasing your height by 2.6 inches, these stunning shoes feature a glossy black leather upper with a silver tone buckle detail; ideal for pairing with a suit.

Penny Loafers

For a sleek style in one of this summer’s trendiest colors, the Avignon elevator shoes will keep you up to date with the fashion crowd. These handcrafted penny loafers have been modernized by GuidoMaggi to include the invisible heel that will make you 2.6 inches taller, so not only do you elevate your style but you increase your height and boost your confidence. These burgundy leather loafers and handmade in Italy and will keep you looking cool and comfortable all summer long.

So don’t let your summer pass you by without a pair of luxury elevator loafers in your wardrobe.

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Total Denim is Back, Even for Elevator Shoes

The all denim look is back for the spring summer 2018 season. So get ready to look out those old jeans and and top it off with a denim shirt and some denim inspired elevator shoes, for a modern retro style that will keep you right on trend this summer…

Denim has been a trendsetting fabric for decades. And this year, that double denim trend we saw in the late 90s and early 00s is finally making a comeback. Probably the most memorable moment for this all denim trend was back in 2001 when popstars Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake showed up on the red carpet at the American Music Awards each wearing all denim outfits, coordinating their style together. They showed the world that denim doesn’t have to be a casual style and can be worn for all occasions, even formal ones.

And that trend is once again making style statements among the most fashionable people in Hollywood. It can have a trendy street look and a smart, sophisticated look, all while being a super comfortable, easy to wear style.

For a cool, casual style, sneakers can be your best option. The Denim by GuidoMaggi perfectly captures the all denim trend and will look super slick with your Levi jeans. Double up the denim for extra street style with a washed denim shirt over a crisp white t-shirt, giving the trend an update for 2018. The Denim high top sneakers are the ideal elevator shoes to bring confidence to your style, able to increase your height by up to 4 inches. With two tone denim and rips with star detailing, these height increasing shoes channel the total denim trend.

For a lighter, more summery feel, a slip on may feel more comfortable. The Como will help you stay on trend with the double denim look with its textured denim effect cotton upper. These handcrafted elevator shoes can add 2.6 inches to your height and help to keep you cool when the temperatures rise. Ideal for pairing with light denim jeans.

Formal styles can also channel this double denim trend. Elevator shoes, such as the Corinth can help you emulate the modern denim look but keep you looking elegant for more formal occasions ad your workday. These Italian leather shoes feature various shades of blue and will increase your height by up to 3.1 inches. Plus, they’ll give you the comfort and sophistication that you need for an all day event.

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Elevator Shoes at the Cannes Film Festival for French Actor Edouard Baer

Tuesday May 8th marked the beginning of the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival, with the role of Master of Ceremonies going to French actor, and previous host, Edouard Baer. Being just 5 foot 9, it would come as no surprise if he chose to wear luxury elevator shoes at this most glamorous of events…

Stars from the glittering world of film and television have been and will be stepping out onto the famous Promenade de la Croisette to celebrate the 71st edition of the Cannes Film Festival, which runs from May 8th to May 19th 2018. The film that kicked off this year’s world-renowned festival is the drama directed by Iranian director, Asghar Farhadi, Everybody Knows and starring Spanish husband and wife A-listers, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, who arrived on the red carpet at the Grand Theatre Lumiere looking radiant and elegant as always.

The president of this year’s jury is the award winning Cate Blanchett. And joining her on the jury are fellow stars of the screen from the worlds of writing, directing and acting; Chang Chen, Ava Duvernay, Robert Guédiguian, Khadja Nin, Lea Seydoux, Kristen Stewart, Andrei Zvyagintsev and Denis Villeneuve. The Master of Ceremonies is the French Actor, and previous Master of Ceremonies, Edouard Baer, star of Asterix and Obelix, who kicked off the opening ceremony on Tuesday and will resume the duties at the festival’s closing ceremony.

The 2018 festival promises, as always, to be filled with glitz and glamor, surrounded by the elegance of the French Riviera. And for such a highly regarded event, it’s only fitting that the stars will be wearing the finest fashions and the most luxurious footwear. In this instance, stars like Edouard Baer, who’s only around 5 foot 9, could increase his height and maintain his charm by wearing stylish, formal elevator shoes that are handcrafted in Italy using only the finest materials.

Other actors may appear tall on the red carpet and on the big screen but many of them turn to elevator shoes to increase their height and boost their confidence. Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas always dresses in a way that makes him look taller than he really is. Being under 5 foot 9, the A-list star chooses well-tailored outfits and pairs them with luxury handcrafted Italian elevator shoes.

Other actors who might find themselves lacking in height should take a leaf out of Banderas’s book and increase their height discreetly with elevator shoes. These elegant styles of shoes, sneakers and boots can increase height up to 6 inches. The summer styles will help to keep them comfortable and looking sleek whether they’re walking the red carpet or sipping drinks at the bar.

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The Hottest Elevator Shoes to Stay Cool this Summer

Here are three of the hottest trends for a stylish summer that promises to live up to all of your expectations. We’ll help you work the trends and find the perfect elevator shoes to match, so you can always be on top…

The summer weather is finally on its way and that means endless sunny days and warm evenings. So it’s time to put away those cold weather accessories and start shedding the extra layers of clothing. But what if, like many men, you’re not a fully fledged fashionista? It can be difficult to know what to wear, especially when the temperatures rise. But luckily we have the most glamorous European fashion shows to turn to for inspiration. And we’ll look at the coolest trends and the hottest elevator shoes to go with them.


This summer, bright colors are everywhere. And with this trend it doesn’t matter how you wear it. The brighter and bolder the better, as it’s all about fun primary colors. Highlight your tomato red shorts or shirt with the Pamplona elevator shoes from GuidoMaggi’s summer collection. The python skin leather in vibrant red makes these elevator sneakers an ideal choice for this color trend, and the patent white leather upper will add a fresh summer feel to your outfit, keeping you cool and slick. Not only that, the built-in elevator system will discreetly boost your height by an extra 2.6 inches.

Englishman in New York

Think dapper styles with added elegance for summer 2018. Classic glamour is always on trend and this year is no different. Pinstripe pants and linen shirts or jackets go splendidly with the Cremona shoe, giving a sleek look that will stand the test of time and make you rise right to the top of the style charts. This slick handcrafted brogue features two tone detailing for an elegant, dandy look, and combines dark gray leather with light gray fabric, as well as invisibly increasing your height up to 3.1 inches.

The 90s

The 90s have been making a comeback for what seems like a while and this summer the 90s trends are here to stay. There are so many trends of the 90s, but one thing you can guarantee is your comfortable footwear. Sneakers are the go-to shoes for this trend. Pair them with your oversized shirts, cut-off jeans or even your Hawaiian shirts. The Lisbon elevator sneakers are the ideal way to accessorize this hot trend. They will increase your height by 2.6 inches, boosting confidence, and will keep you looking cool and stylish all summer long.

So whatever trend you choose for summer 2018, you know you can elevate any look with the hottest styles from GuidoMaggi.

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Coachella 2018: The Styles and Trends to Steal

Coachella 2018 is in full swing and that means the summer’s hottest styles and trends are too. The famous annual music and arts festival is the perfect place to show off your personal style; and elevator shoes are the ideal way to complement any trend…

Coachella is not just about the music and arts. It’s about the fashion too! Historically, it’s the women’s fashion that has made the headlines over the years at this world-renowned music and arts festival. But this year, men have also been showing off their personalities through their style. Now in it’s 19th year, the Coachella Festival has always been an event where you can express yourself through your clothing and accessories. Held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, the event began on April 13th 2018 and will run till April 22nd. And the fashions tend to reflect the laid-back nature of a Californian lifestyle.

Coachella is all about comfort, style and looking cool in the heat of the desert. And this year it’s about channelling the trends of the 90s. This means the return of faded denim, graphic tees and sneakers. And one accessory that is a must-have in California is eyewear - so don’t forget the sunglasses! We might not all be able to make headlines like Beyonce but we can take our style to the next level by stealing some of the trends from Coachella 2018 and pairing them with height increasing shoes.

The luxury Coconut Grove elevator sneaker has a sense of style and elegance that will pair well with just about every trend at Coachella and through the summer. The clean white patent leather helps the black crocodile leather detailing stand out. And with the added benefit of a hidden 2.6 inch heel you’ll feel confident and walk taller. The Coconut Grove sneaker will look sleek with either sports shorts, denim cutoffs or jeans. Pair with a white t-shirt and shades for a classic look.

Canvas or suede sneakers and high-tops are also a good choice for festivals and can be worn with shorts or jeans. The Italian handcrafted Sahara high-tops are height increasing shoes that will keep you on trend all summer long. The desert sand suede sneakers can increase your height by up to 4 inches, giving you the confidence boost you need to pull off any style at Coachella.

For an elegant look, and if you don’t want to wear sneakers, follow in the footsteps of stylish Canadian fashion blogger, Kish Raveendran. He chose to style his handmade GuidoMaggi Idaho elevator boots, which increase height up to 4 inches, with rolled up black denims, a black and white striped shirt, cream hat and aviator sunglasses and looked slick, comfortable and festival-ready.

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Elevator Shoes on the Set of The Expendables 4

It can be easy to appear tall on screen if the rest of your cast is shorter than you. But when you have a cast full of tall men in The Expendables and you’re Sylvester Stallone or Jet Li, how do you do it? With the help of of height increasing shoes!

The Expendables film series is a multi-million dollar film franchise, grossing hundreds of millions of dollars. And this summer, the filming is set to begin on the fourth installment, The Expendables 4, with the return of Sylvester Stallone and likely Arnold Schwarzenegger. Filming is expected to returning to Bulgaria in August this year for an on-location shoot.

However, if you’re Sylvester Stallone, measuring just under 5 foot 9 in height and you have to appear on screen next to the 6 foot 2 Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’re going to need some help in the footwear department so you can stand shoulder to shoulder. Muscles can be built through hard work in the gym and eating lots of protein but the only way you can add extra height is by wearing elevator shoes that have been specially designed to give you the few extra inches you need. Height increasing shoes are the secret to how Hollywood’s leading men can appear tall and confident whether they’re filming on set or relaxing on their days off. 

So if you’re the star of an action movie, elevator shoes can increase your height both on and off the set. Jet Li, for example, is just 5 foot 6. So for him to appear taller and on a par with his costars he wears luxury elevator shoes that can discreetly boost his height by up to 6 inches. Whether it’s Italian elevator boots or elegant dress shoes for the red carpet, Jet Li can walk in comfort alongside his towering 6 foot 5 costar, Dolph Lundgren, and appear just as tall as his Expendables action hero character, Yin Yang.

Elevator shoes are extremely popular with Hollywood’s elite, as these height increasing shoes for men can add from 2 inches up to as much as 6 inches, boosting confidence and stature. And it’s not just on set that these Hollywood giants choose to wear Italian handcrafted elevator shoes, many of them choose to increase their height even when they’re not filming. Whether you’re a Hollywood action star or not, with the stylish range of height increasing shoes at GuidoMaggi, you can boost your height and self-esteem no matter what the occasion. These trendy elevator shoes have become popular with stars, such as, Ricky Martin, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas and Lenny Kravitz, proving that being taller is not just a special effect for the movies.

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Italian Fashion on Show: Discover the Made in Italy Season in Milan

Journey through the history of Italy as expressed through the world of fashion. The exhibition, “L’Italia vista dalla moda 1971-2001” is currently on at the Palazzo Reale in Milan until May 6th, where you can discover Italy as seen through fashion…

L’Italia vista dalla moda 1971-2001 is a current exhibition on display at the famous Palazzo Reale in Milan. In English, it’s “Italy as seen through fashion 1971-2001”. The exhibition, which runs until May 6th 2018, tells the story of Italy through the world of fashion. From artisan craftsmen to world famous Italian fashion houses and brands, there is more to fashion than just clothing and footwear.

There’s an entire culture behind each piece of design and craftsmanship. And nothing emulates this idea more than Italian footwear, for example the GuidoMaggi brand. With a focus on high quality and attention to detail, the local artisans create comfortable elevator shoes using the finest quality fabrics and materials, resulting in a product that is unsurpassed in quality. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are handcrafted in Italy and designed to increase height by up to 6 inches, increasing self-confidence and boosting style. Design and commitment goes into every detail to give custom made height increasing shoes that have become famous around the world.

One of Italy’s most famous exports is fashion. But behind Italian fashion is a history of artisanal culture that goes back generations. Creating clothing and footwear is not just a job; it’s a passion. It’s a culture. It’s a work of art and a way of life in Italy. The exhibition will show the influence of Italian culture on the designs of the fashion of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and up to the start of the 21st century. It will highlight Italy’s influence on the rest of the world’s fashion and design, with the emphasis on the importance of the “made in Italy” tag. The world trusts a “made in Italy” label and brand because of the history of high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Many of the world’s designs originate in Italy and other nations try to copy them with mass production methods, resulting in a lower quality product with little or no attention to detail or pride of product. Italian fashion differs from this because for Italians, fashion is not just what you wear. It’s a statement of your personality, your style and your culture. And with Italian fashion you get generations of culture and style handcrafted in a high quality piece of clothing or footwear.

GuidoMaggi is just one luxury brand that prides itself on its Italian heritage and craftsmanship, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, to provide the finest height increasing shoes that are known around the world for their comfort, elegance and confidence boosting heels.

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The Perfect Height Increasing Shoes for an Elevated Easter

It’s Easter Weekend and the beautiful spring weather has arrived. So it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe and accessorize with the perfect pair of height increasing shoes. Spend time with your family while looking tall, staying stylish and feeling comfortable…

Make the most of the spring weather this Easter Weekend and get out there to enjoy it in style and comfort. It’s the perfect time to pick out your favorite fashion trends for the spring summer season. Whatever trend you choose, keep it light and fresh and accessorize with a luxury pair of elevator shoes. Whether you’re jetting off on an Easter vacation, heading away for the weekend, or simply enjoying family fun with an Easter Egg hunt and a delicious family dinner at home, wearing comfortable shoes that can elevate your style and your height is a must.

The Brooklyn is the ideal elevator boot for Easter. Handcrafted in Italy from navy suede calfskin leather, these height increasing shoes feature a soft leather lining and waxed cotton laces. They are ideal for adding a modern twist to a classic spring look and can be easily paired with a light colored chino, crisp white shirt and a navy blazer or jacket, for a more formal style. Apart from being comfortable for wearing all day, these trendy shoes can add up to 3.1 inches to your height, with shoe lifts built discreetly into the heel.

You can pack a lot into your Easter Weekend, so you’ll need a comfortable shoe for more casual events. That’s where the Zaragoza elevator sneakers come in. With a discreet 2.6 inch heel rise, these stylish low-top elevator shoes can add a sleek touch to a more casual outfit. Wear them with dress shorts or chinos for a smart casual look and, with the navy leather and suede detailing, you can stay on trend with the season. These can be ideal for a day out with the family or taking on vacation, as they will elevate any style and give your outfit a fresh spring look for Easter. 

If the temperatures start to rise, or you’re heading somewhere hot, then you’ll need a comfortable shoe that can keep you looking cool and feeling fresh. Styles like the Como are perfect for when the weather warms up. Featuring a breathable organic cotton upper in a textured vintage effect denim, these elevator shoes are leather lined with a rubber sole, for maximum comfort on warmer days. With their blue tones, they will go with a whole range of spring outfits and will look super slick with shorts. Plus, they have the added convenience of being a slip-on and will give you a 2.6 inch boost to your height, to keep you feeling taller and more confident no matter what your plans are this Easter.

Whether you’re staying at home or going on vacation, make sure you’re walking taller this Easter with luxury Italian elevator shoes for every occasion.

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