Elevator Dress shoes

Dress shoes define your total look, whether you dress for business or pleasure. The quality of those shoes can make or break your look.

Elevator shoes that don't look like “tall shoes” and do look like first quality Italian leather shoes (because they are) make your look perfect, style-wise. Plus, having a selection of colors that will complement your personal wardrobe gives you the freedom to choose the exact match you need.

Whether it's a smooth finish plain-toed shoe, brogue or stylish puntina, like the Castro style, you have your choice of elegant, handmade workmanship that will accentuate your look. These height increasing shoes also come in 2.4 in(6cm), 2.75in(7cm) or 3.1in(8cm) of lift, to suit your particular needs.

Take a few moments to browse the selections here. You'll find style, quality and just the right addition to your height like no other shoes in the world. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are the luxury brand of look taller shoes for the discriminating fashionista.

Even if you don't really need an increase in height, but want superior shoes made in Italy, these are your best choice. Think about it: full grain Italian leather, sewn-at-sight construction, even waxed shoelaces give you the benefits of first quality materials and hand crafted attention to detail.

GuidoMaggi dress shoes – for the best dress shoes that increase your height and accentuate your look.

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